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Comment: liability/crew? (Score 1) 244

by onionlee (#35131810) Attached to: Private Space Shuttle Flights
who would be the crew and who would be mission support? i doubt many of the government employees would decide to leave government employ and miss out on their future pension checks.

also, who would be liable in case of an accident? would it be nasa's fault for giving them "faulty equipment"? or could the company even be held liable in the case of an accident in space?

Comment: Re:How about... (Score 1) 617

by onionlee (#33059704) Attached to: School District Drops 'D' Grades
So this actually happened in my school district when I was still in high school. However, the only difference is that in inclusion to removing the D grade, if someone got an F, they had to retake the course whereupon if the student passed the class, their old grade would be switched to an I (incomplete) and the second iteration of the course would be given the proper passing grade.

You see the ultimate scam here, no? Artificially passing all students just to get No Child Left Behind money.

+ - Slashdot Spambot!

Submitted by onionlee
onionlee writes: So I was being a good Slashdotter and moderating, when I stumbled upon this comment. I thought to myself "Is this what I think it is? Spam? ON SLASHDOT?!"

I hurriedly continued on in my quest for answers when I saw this — a spambot diligently at work!

Oh dear! It seemed that — of all places — Slashdot has become a place for spambots!

It was then, after this dreadful realization of the horrifying truth that I asked myself and now ask you, my fellow Slashdotters, this: What can we do and, more importantly, what should be done about this sad, awful travesty?

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