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Comment: Re:The US already adopted the Metric system (Score 0) 2288

by oniboy (#35892696) Attached to: Why Does the US Cling To Imperial Measurements?

And for some reason so many countries feel compelled to use inches to measure TVs and other display devices. It pisses me off.
In my country TVs were always measured ( well at least when I was a kid ) in centimetres but in the past 5 - 10yrs everyone has started referring to them in inches.
In Japan, a country where the common person has no idea what an inch is and where a lot of TVs are manufactured, they still measure TVs etc. in inches.
I've heard the excuse that "Japan exports to the US" as the reason for measuring TVs in inches in Japan but that seems like a rather poor reason for advertising products in their local market in a measuring system no one understands.

Comment: 54cm, you insensitive clod! (Score 0) 375

by oniboy (#33039666) Attached to: How Big Is Your Primary Display?

Why are TV & computer displays measured in inches ?
Here in Japan when going to an electronics store they are all marked in inches but if I ask the sales staff how big is an inch or what the size of a screen is in centimetres they cant tell me.
This is a country that produces a large number of displays & has never used inches but for some strange reason feels compelled to advertise all their displays in inches.

Comment: RIAAs new partner (Score 1) 119

by oniboy (#29783121) Attached to: MS's "Lifeblogging" Camera Enters Mass Production
I guess if someone wearing this device went to watch a movie they wouldn't be so concerned as to where they had been but rather were they would be going after having unwittingly pirated a movie.
Could you imagine being caught, with the evidence literally hanging around your neck but not even being able to remember having watched the movie in the first place. This thing sounds like a great idea.

Comment: Power for the future (Score 1) 277

by oniboy (#19337811) Attached to: Wii's Longevity, Competition Questioned
After finally having gotten my hands on a Wii during Golden Week ive definalty spent my fair share of time on Elebits, Kororinpa, Hajimete No Wii & Paper Mario but as much as ive been loving it I have been feeling a little concerned about the Wii's staying power for the future as ive found, especialy when playing Elebits, that when a lot is happening on screen the game tends to slow down & feel jumpy a bit.

Usually the first batch of games on a new console dont realy show of the full power of the platform but im feeling that maybe the Wii has already reached its hardware limits. If this is the case should we expect an updated version comming in the near future if its sales drop to keep it in top spot or will game producers learn to work with the platforms limitations better.

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