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Comment: Re:Not a surprise (Score 2) 172

by onetwofour (#39494175) Attached to: UK's Largest Specialist Video Games Retailer Enters Administration
The list of closed stores can be found at MCV: Just looking through the list shows lots of store duplications within towns, I know that Hanley had two stores within one shopping center seperated by a ceiling and a Gamestation in the main high street. And that's the list of just the closed down stores.

Comment: Not exclusive to T Mobile (Score 4, Interesting) 65

by onetwofour (#30138160) Attached to: T-Mobile UK Employees Sold Customers' Information
I wish this problem was exclusive to T Mobile, I really do. The sad thing is that I've been on two different networks and somehow firms seem to get hold of my mobile number and start calling me offering me an upgrade. The most accurate firm was one who had my full Orange account details, so why wouldn't you trust a firm who knows where you live? When I reported this to Orange they acted surprised but did absolutely nothing about it, probably because data is flowing far too freely around their organisation. My current provider isn't immune either, around 12 months on my previous contract with O2 I had multiple companies each trying to sell me a new contract. They claim it's just on an autodialer of numbers to call and have no personal information about me. However the fact that someone knows I'm on O2 means enough personal data is leaking.

Comment: What's wrong with bit torrent? (Score 1) 848

by onetwofour (#26401493) Attached to: Windows 7 Beta Released To Public After Delay
I applaud Microsoft for this fairly open beta which could really help Windows 7 take off, however why are they sticking to a very traditional download route? I'm aware that you'll be able to download the beta from many unofficial sources but Microsoft should be looking to utilize bit torrent. Any problems regarding agreeing to a license could easily be done on installation.

Free Resources for Windows Perl Development 117

Posted by kdawson
from the christmas-present dept.
jamie pointed out an important announcement in the Perl community. Adam Kennedy, known as Alias, developed Strawberry Perl to "make Win32 a truly first class citizen of the Perl platform world." Over the last year, major CPAN modules have used Strawberry Perl to get to releases that work trouble-free on Windows. But the tens of thousands of smaller modules on CPAN are lagging, in many cases because of lack of access to a Windows environment for development and testing. Now Alias has worked with Microsoft's Open Source Software Lab to provide for every CPAN author free access to a centrally-hosted virtual machine environment containing every major version of Windows. "More information (and press releases) will follow, the entire program under which this partnership will be run is so new it's only just been given a name, so some of the organisational details will ironed out as we go. But for now, to all the CPAN authors, all I have to add is... Merry Christmas. P.S. Or your appropriate equivalent religious or non-religious event, if any, occurring during the month of December, etc., etc."

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