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While I cannot account for anyone else. I once owned some land, and tried my hand at dowsing. Found 3 spots that felt just right, drilled the first, and found water at 70 feet. I still call it luck. If I ever need to look for water again, I'll try my hand at it again and mark 3 spots.

While it's not science, I would be interested in how do you set up a test for a peer review of this. Seems to me that if I really think about it. It's just a lot of pot luck.

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by onepoint (#47760709) Attached to: Uber Has a Playbook For Sabotaging Lyft, Says Report

I find it refreshing that "dirty tricks" are still used in this day an age.
I don't welcome it, but it's good to know that this is still used, Now you ask why? Simple really, what they are doing (which I don't think is illegal, but I wish it was), is abusing the competitions, making them waste resources (time and gas). Right now the only person suffering is the driver. I would think that if this game was played on taxi companies, someone would be visiting with a bat.

It's fun and games until someone figures out how to counter, then the consumer will get screwed.

I kinda see this as a weird form of a DOSS attack, but seems viable.

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That thought was the very first thing that crossed my mind.
I mean the only super dense stuff that I've read about is ultra-dense deuterium
( It's in the range of 100+ tons/ cm3 ) but it's only produced in really small quantities

I would really enjoy knowing if something ultra dense is produced, and how does it effect gravity. I think that would be a fun project

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All your points are valid, but I wanted to clear a few things
a) rainwater
You have the right to it as a landlord/owner, but maybe not the tenant
You pay in most counties in Florida for water in (water bill), and water out (sewer tax), so rainwater systems have no cost to the system since rainwater cannot be piped into a home without it being taxed as a home improvement. Most places in the USA, the gray water installation for the home, not the garden, has to be inspected and your taxes are adjusted accordingly, if you are subject to the sewer tax is another thing IDK

b) Growing your own food
That's completely off topic, since you are not responsible to the producer

c) Leases
If the leases are in your own home without any feed to the system, then you can install, but you cannot get any tax benefit (state wide) since you are not the owner of the system.

Having access to over 100000 sqft of usable sun facing roof space spread over multiple clients' homes, I spent a while researching this, and ran into the same problem. Leasing platform or having some 3rd party agreement with a producer will not provide a return of any sort on the invested capital. So the only solution I found was to tell my clients to get them installed, make sure they have net metering and talk to the accountant and get whatever tax break they could find. No real money is being made, but since they are snowbirds, they have a huge credit for the winter.

The problem is that the energy created, is fed into the power lines at retail, which the truth, it should be fed into the system at 50% or less than retail. and what the leasing people are trying to do is force the producers (power companies) to buy retail...

Now imagine 100000 sqft should generate about 800 to 1200 KW at peak, that's got to help cut down on carbon, which I am happy to say I've done a little bit too help.

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yep, correct, the lease business model states that they sell at full consumer rates to the electric company, not at the producers rate ( which is cheaper )

so then I have to ask you...

I own 100K sqft of usable, full sunshine roofs
I lease that out and sell it at full market
I get YOU and everyone around me to buy at full market rate (via the power company)
I just profited off of you and the electric company
How happy are you going to be that I did not have to pay for
Maintenance of the line carrying my charge, the people that work for the power company
When the hurricanes hit, my house is lit not yours....

Problem is, the lease calls for selling back at consumer rates, not producer rates. That's what is unfair. That simple spread of maybe 3 cents, but those that don't self produce are paying your subsidy.

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Very interesting overall...
I wonder if it's possible at all to just retrofit in a modular way.
for example, take 1 power line that goes down a few city blocks and touches 10 stepdown transformers
Could that entire line be taken down along with the transformers and replaced???

I can just see an entire roll out over 15 years and ton of employment if something like that was possible

Comment: maybe it's the reality of the business (Score 0) 306

Note: I live in Florida
I am not aware that there is a law (federal, state or city) that states, Power companies have to provide Net-metering to an installation.
Electric companies need to make money, they need to service the power lines...

Florida (southern Florida FPL) does welcome net-metering, they credit on a 12 month basis, any overage is a gift to the electric company.
With the above stated, Power companies need to modify the tariff showing that if you want to generate power in excess, you have to pay for line service.

The leasing deals that the writer was talking about is a nifty trick to take advantage of the system, and it's a good trick. But at the end of the day, it's a subsidy that the power companies pay out.

here is a good write up about this issue http://articles.sun-sentinel.c...

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good actors are hard to find consistently, and a blend of actors whom work decently well together is rarer yet.
That's why Mash, Happydays (until Ron Howard left), dukes of hazard, loveboat, and many other shows lived season after season ( Chico and the man were my favorite )

I can not even think of how many shows per year fail just after the pilot, or even after first broadcast.

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Using this source
We can guess that there must be between 400 to 500 broadcasting stations
Now the quoted figure 326K for 30 seconds, should be for the nationwide broadcast of ads that the local and regional broadcaster cannot use (BB's own time).

So thinking that about 200 stations buy BB, and they give up the 30 second, that would 200 x 326 that's about 65 million gross income per episode.
I think that the number 326K is the NYC, CHI, LA top rates. I would guess that the nationwide average of the rates is much lower.

I'm entirely guessing, please correct me and fix the numbers where applicable

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In reading this dialog, E-Rock points out the facts; if a person is happy, causing no harm to himself or others, then why should we change that person to our own liking.

What I think frightens most people about the Character Sheldon is his bluntness, his desire to be as perfect as possible, and I think, his ability to like himself entirely without shame (I think that ability is the hardest for most people to achieve).

And don't forget that Sheldon is very selfish in a very perfect way, a good example of this is in the episode where rocket fuel explodes, he did it so as not to get killed and secured a qualified paying renter and in case it's needed, he can rat out the other for blowing up the elevator.

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