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Comment: Re:Unless (Score 1) 300

by onepoint (#49516159) Attached to: Joseph Goebbels' Estate Sues Publisher Over Diary Excerpt Royalties

>> A law that says "you can't make money from this" doesn't mean "anyone can copy your stuff for free".

very different yet related questions ...

A) first big question is the legal rights of the estate, is it subject to the laws enacted against the Nazi by an Allied court ... that's a huge hurtle

B) does the estate have the rights to sell, trade, barter, gift and contract. not always do they have all 5.

C) the estate seems to have the right to have a copyright of the material ... that leads to only " ownership and reproduction and distribution "

What I think they want is a gift which would be 'contract without profit'
Barter would be contract of equal exchange in the future
trade would be contract of equal exchange now
sell means dispose with monetary asset received ( liquid cash )

Comment: Re:Except... (Score 1) 153

by onepoint (#49516055) Attached to: Twitter Moves Non-US Accounts To Ireland, and Away From the NSA

>>Are we being civil to each-other on the internet? Since when has that been allowed? Particularly on Slashdot.

look at the discussion on this thread ( our little section )
being civil is the top form of discussion.
and everyone is working at the top of their game

I've learned more in this little chat than the rest of the threads

Comment: Re:Here's a better idea (Score 1) 670

by onepoint (#49515959) Attached to: William Shatner Proposes $30 Billion Water Pipeline To California

sorry, that's a fallacy.
Under siege might not be a good word

but here are some examples of what I am trying to present

bananas ( we have no bananas today ) long modern history of food shortages

Potatoes, real good example of improper management lead to the Irish famine, blamed on the virus ( which is a factor ) but the restrictions of import / export from Ireland lead to it.

Corn as a stable product ... biodiesel changed all that
production history variations and the market did respond well to it.

Rice as a stable product ... subject to weather issue, one good flood can wipe out %'s of the worlds production
storms and percentage of damage http://environmentalresearchwe... ( I think it might be a tainted new source, but I feel the idea of damage of crops is presented properly )
panic and rumors caused http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2...

Comment: Re:Why was his estate even allowed to exist? (Score 1) 300

by onepoint (#49502553) Attached to: Joseph Goebbels' Estate Sues Publisher Over Diary Excerpt Royalties

Why? A will is a will. and has a long history. so any settlement on the estate might have been placed in an allied fund. if the diary was sold then the asset provenance was moved. Nazi held, to allied held to someone new ...
this chain is highly important in art and as we speak, new looted are is always being discovered. That chain of ownership is very important. That's why Hermann Göring went to a lot of trouble to get all his art ( using brutality ) with a legal chain of title.

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