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What people seem to forget is ... airline employees have contract rights ( based on that ticket you bought ) that states something like this... " if you make me feel uncomfortable, I will do my best to boot you off the flight "

While 99% of these are violence related (drunks, people taking a piss in flight on the floor ... ) A steward for any reason they see fit, if they feel uncomfortable will boot you. Seen it more than once with those passengers that say "I'm calling the cop's" and the steward say's "please do, and everyone else please keep boarding", and "you whom are calling the cop's, I'll wait right here as the plane leaves". I get a laugh every time.

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by onepoint (#47516447) Attached to: Robot With Broken Leg Learns To Walk Again In Under 2 Minutes

I do recall that episode and was going to write about it. It was late 80's. I will say that I don't recall it being 2 feet long and I don't recall it being connected to anything. But you are exactly correct about the test. they disabled it somehow, and over the course of 5 minutes it was walking again and running some sort of search pattern.
But now I don't recall if they disabled a leg or not.

This brings on a side point:
I do recall a study about repetitive science and lab work (also coding): their study showed that about 5% to 10% of all lab work has already been done within the same firm (or university) and about 15% of all lab work is duplicated and publicly documented. My take... do a good search and most of it should be online LOL

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With Comcast, you get some sort of boost... But they are rather correct on the service contract. You get internet access.
Here is the catch
The other side (in this case net flicks) has flooded the lines and won't pay to carry the transmission.
The consumer still gets the internet access and the transmission, but not at the fault of the Comcast.

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Your UPS analogy is slightly off...
The better analogy is ... You buy a house near a bridge
The bridge has 2 lanes
When you see the bridge at 4am there is nobody
But at 7am it's packed with delays towards your office and the other lane empty (empty lane has a toll booth)
You bought the house based on thinking it was going to be a simple ride to the office and free 1 way
What you discovered is huge delays.

Now you're asked to build another bridge lane, but the town won't help foot the bill unless it get's to build a toll booth and raise
the rates. Taxpayers don't want to foot the bill.

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That's part of the entire issue. Who's to blame when 2 auto's go bump.
While 2 compatible communication systems should not crash or even bumps, what do you do when you got a chunk of metal barreling down the road in the left lane and the driver falls asleep. While it's obvious to us that sleepy head should bear all the blame, the dispute will be fought in court.

Not only that, I would think that this would force all the manufactures of auto's to open new companies to avoid the legal liability to the main brand. IE: ford auto drive group, licensed to use the designs...

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by onepoint (#47341385) Attached to: Germany's Glut of Electricity Causing Prices To Plummet

While I respect and understand your point. I have to have some hope that this current generation, will invest in making the energy cheaper and cleaner. Overall, I think that the rich countries have done a decent job, I know that there is a ton of toxic companies, but I think there are more cleaner thinking companies too.

Look at the project in Spain that cost 300 Million euro's. I think that proved that solar storage works, and once someone knows it works, investors line up to fund it. So, in the future, we might see Spain, Greece, and Italy, providing the long term solar energy to most of Europe for daylight base loads. Got the same idea for Florida, Texas and Mississippi are doing the same for west of the Rockies daylight baseload.

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OK, Just read the Brooking's report. It validates everything I said. Specifically on the lending with 20% down. ( Which seems to be an unwritten rule, not a federal rule which must be abided by).
In reference to dismal profits...
If I'm a USA bank doing 100 billion in transactions @ 5%
And you're doing less even at a higher percentage rate.
I'll have you beat because the volume of transaction
NOT on the quality of the transactions.

From reading the report, the quality of the transaction from Canada seemed to be higher.
So again, I am validated, You rode out the storm, we hit the rocks.

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Just want to debunk 1 aspect of your statement : banking
It was not your over a regulated banking system that prevented the problem
It was good business sense. Your banking people offered lending at 1/2% or more
During the entire cycle (2002 to 2007) with requirements of 20% down.
This was un-competitive in the market, BUT was using good common sense in lending
So the crisis was a non-issue to most of the Canadian Banking portfolio holding.

I always like to clear this up, bad lending kills long term business, good common
Sense lending always earns less short term, but long term success is assured

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Just might work. Don't forget we have many people that have influenced history via sarcasm or joke's. Lenny Bruce arrests leading to George Carlins list of 7 things you cannot say on the air. Leading to court cases... Which lead up to a refined perspective of what might be accepted. I still have never understood the rules, but it seems that it's more understandable by those that deal with Media.

So looking for someone that has a following, and that following can effectively make a change in the world (think of a Mother Teresa type person) and finding them is important, what they think people just might act upon them. Another person that when they speak people listen is Warren Buffet ...

anyway have a great day

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This is so amazingly true, well at least about myself. I find that I am the most likely the bottom of the pile when it comes to planning, but flow charting the idea out completely, I got everyone beat. It works like this and I am laughing while writing this:

Someone had the idea
I R&D the idea
I flow out all the steps to the idea in insane detail
I hand it over to more people to gather even more details
Get it back and re-flow the entire idea
I hand in back to some-else to put a time frame
Get's back into my hands and I try to re-flow it out for efficiency, moving parts around (huge mind map mostly)
Back to the time frame guys
Kicked up to someone else
Goes into testing (production)
Comes back to me, the results are validated or the idea tossed into the can and we record where we made mistakes.

Funny, I've never looked how fun my work can be.

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