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Comment: Re:3 on-site interviews means a FAIL (Score 1) 215

by oneeyedman (#40445523) Attached to: Google Vs. Microsoft: a Tale of Two Interviews

You misunderstood the discussion. An interview loop at Microsoft is a *loop* because you are routed past multiple interviewers with different questions and emphases. That is, all in one day. Three interviews is a typical start (taking up the morning), and if you have a shot after that, you'll be sent to additional interviewers. It sounds like Google works the same way.

Comment: Re:Bars are a business and a meeting place (Score 1) 393

by oneeyedman (#27551911) Attached to: Closing Time At Microsoft's Campus Pub

I work there (FTE) and this is complete nonsense. The managers may be working themselves to death, but individual contributors are not, except in cases of extreme inefficiency. The company wants you to produce results, not to kill yourself and waste the money spent training you. They take the work-life balance thing seriously nowadays, regardless of how things used to be when this stereotype first was cast. The most cynical thing you can say about this is that you can't burn out your employees in a competitive job market or when you aren't compensating them with soaring stock values.

With all that said, I agree that it is exceeding lame to cancel the pub plan.

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