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Comment Re:Return of the iPaq? (Score 1) 271

HP never did stop selling the iPaq. They just didn't get updated anywhere near as much as the rest of the cell phone companies product line. During the last release of the iPaq, review websites did review the phone and give their input of the physical device and it's functionality.


Amazon Kindle Proprietary Format Broken 203

An anonymous reader writes "The Register reports that the proprietary document format used by the Amazon online store and Amazon's Kindle has been successfully reverse engineered, allowing these DRM-protected documents to be converted into the open MOBI format. Users of alternative e-book readers rejoice." Here are the hacker's notes on the program he is calling "Unswindle," and here is the (translated) forum where the Kindle challenge was posed and answered.

Comment Claymore mine (Score 2, Insightful) 334

I understand the less lethal part, but doesn't anyone see the inherent danger of hurling electrified needles into the air. It could poke your eye out then send a electric charge right to the head. Into your mouth if your screaming or yelling. The jugular vein is basically unprotected and a unlucky shot there could puncture it. On another note, wonder if their testing includes a person wearing different types of clothing for like summer and winter. Also if the voltage needed to subdue someone fluctuates greatly between people of different weights.

Comment WoW, EVE (Score 1) 463

So what this sounds like is kinda like WoW level based versus EVE Online individual skill based leveling. I've played EVE Online and as I have played City of Heroes among other level based games, and I see the advantages and downfalls of both. It would be nice to see skill based leveling more often as I believe it allows more variety of game play options and more thought in your ability selections.

Comment Wax (Score 1) 554

I also heard that car wax applied the same way as the example way above using toothpaste (from the inside outwards) would also help restore a disk. Try this on a replaceable disk first.

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