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Journal Journal: How NOT to write a bug report

Info that could be used to identify this individual removed. I'm sure someone, somewhere can figure out how to find the info, but I won't help.

Fri Nov 02 19:39:46 2007: Request #### was acted upon.
Transaction: Ticket created by
              Queue: rt3
          Subject: Bug found: no documentation on REST interface
              Owner: Nobody
            Status: new
You idiots seemed to have left out the documentation for your REST

If all google can find in the way of manuals for your water head abortion
you call a ticketing system is a freakin MICROSOFT DOC FILE you know you've
sunk to new lows.
Wow guys, you rock! That's raising the bar all the way up to "polished
turd" level! Grats!

I work for a very large social networking company and apparently pissed off
someone enough that I'm being punished by having to figure out how to use
your "software." You guys really make the case for creating laws that ban
certain people from ever touching a keyboard. Like you, I agree that
punishment of this degree continues cruel and unusual punishment, but

Take that how you will, your site sucks, your software sucks, and your more
then welcome to blast off on me all you want. It's not going to change the
fact that you apes are the fungal infection on the ball sack of humanity.

Have a great fucking day!

-- Xxxxxxxxx

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