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by oneandoneis2 (#47677123) Attached to: The Billion-Dollar Website

"Lorem ipsum" is industry standard "filler" text for incomplete web pages - typically used to show clients what a page will look like when it has some useful content.

Not that it isn't appalling that it's appearing on a page in production, but it isn't "random Latin" - there are even browser extensions to make it easy to C&P for you.

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Actually, Great Whites don't even hunt us out of necessity: We are literally useless to them as food. All they ever do to us is take a bite, realize their mistake, and carry on looking for a worthwhile meal.

The trouble is, given their method of taking a bite involves slamming into their target at high speed and sinking hundreds of teeth in, you may well have been torn in half by the time they go "oops" and spit you back out...

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As has been shown time after time, the loss of apex predators is disastrous for all levels of an ecosystem.

(If you want examples, check out - loss of wolves lead to over-grazing by elk; reintroducing them not only sorted the elk problem but boosted the numbers of beaver colonies, resulting in less erosion; pushed the cougars back to their traditional grounds; reduced the numbers of coyotes, which increased the number of foxes and thereby decreased the numbers of rodents, which altered the survival rates of various seeds and fungi... a whole cascade of improvements triggered by the return of a single predator.)

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> Carbon shows signs of potentially being rather nastier in its fancy forms

That's like saying "Some types of technology can harm your health".

Carbon is a very versatile element, it can take many forms. Some will be good, some will be bad, some will have no impact.

e.g. There are signs of it being extremely beneficial in buckyball form:

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