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Vaccine Patch Removes Needle Pain 250

Posted by timothy
from the non-death-by-a-thousand-cuts dept.
wog777 writes "Researchers led by Mark Prausnitz of Georgia Institute of Technology reported their research on microneedles in Sunday's edition of Nature Medicine. A microneedle contains needles so small you don't even feel them. Attached to a patch like a Band-Aid, the little needles barely penetrate the skin before they dissolve and release their vaccine."

Comment: Launch Date: April 16 (Score 3, Informative) 136

by onco_p53 (#26790629) Attached to: The Herschel Telescope Close To Blast Off

April 16 Ariane 5 Herschel & Planck
Launch time: approx. 1230 GMT (8:30 a.m. EDT)
Launch site: ELA-3, Kourou, French Guiana

Arianespace Flight 188 will use an Ariane 5 rocket with an ECA upper stage to launch the European Space Agency's Herschel and Planck observatories. The Herschel infrared telescope will study the evolution of stars and galaxies and the Planck spacecraft will observe the cosmic background radiation left over from the Big Bang. [Jan. 14]

Comment: Actual link to scientific article (Score 1) 239

by onco_p53 (#26334435) Attached to: New Method To Revolutionize DNA Sequencing


We present single-molecule, real-time sequencing data obtained from a DNA polymerase performing uninterrupted template-directed synthesis using four distinguishable fluorescently labeled deoxyribonucleoside triphosphates (dNTPs). We detected the temporal order of their enzymatic incorporation into a growing DNA strand with zero-mode waveguide nanostructure arrays, which provide optical observation volume confinement and enable parallel, simultaneous detection of thousands of single-molecule sequencing reactions. Conjugation of fluorophores to the terminal phosphate moiety of the dNTPs allows continuous observation of DNA synthesis over thousands of bases without steric hindrance. The data report directly on polymerase dynamics, revealing distinct polymerization states and pause sites corresponding to DNA secondary structure. Sequence data were aligned with the known reference sequence to assay biophysical parameters of polymerization for each template position. Consensus sequences were generated from the single-molecule reads at 15-fold coverage, showing a median accuracy of 99.3%, with no systematic error beyond fluorophore-dependent error rates.

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eBay To Disallow Checks and Money Orders In US 412

Posted by Soulskill
from the shooting-for-their-own-bailout dept.
Sir_Kurt writes "In eBay's latest FAQ, they explain that sellers (for the good of the buyers) will no longer be allowed to accept checks or money orders as payment. They can take electronic payments only. So, will Google Checkout, Checkout by Amazon or Amazon Flexible Payment be allowed? No, says eBay: 'Google's and Amazon's products and services compete with eBay on a number of levels, so we are not going to allow them on eBay.' Options are limited to PayPal, ProPay, direct credit payments to the seller, and 'payment upon pickup.' But remember, this is for our own good!" eBay ran into trouble earlier this year for trying to restrict payment options.
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+ - Member of cyber-crime ring walks free.-> 1

Submitted by
Geekster writes: "Owen Thor Walker (also known by the name Akill), 18, appeared in the High Court in Hamilton, New Zealand today, and was discharged without conviction after pleading guilty to charges relating to an international cyber-crime ring. He is estimated to have helped infect over one million computers, and received just under $40,000 for his role in the attack, which included a global adware scheme and the collapse of a computer server at the University of Pennsylvania. He was charged with accessing a computer for dishonest purpose, damaging or interfering with a computer system, possessing software for committing a crime and accessing a computer system without authorization. He was ordered to pay $5000 in costs and $9526 in reparation to the University of Pennsylvania."
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+ - New Zealand suggests TLD

Submitted by
spir0 writes: ""NZ plans on setting up a new Top Level Domain (TLD) under the .nz banner. Aimed at the banking institution, the new TLD is While on the surface, this may seem like a great idea — separating the banks into their own little community, the long term effects of this are dubious, or redundant at best."

This issue has been beaten around for the global registry, and I don't see a .bank TLD yet, but New Zealand is so small and there are so few banks, that I question the legitimacy of this suggestion."

+ - Giant Rabbits Solve North Korea's Hunger Problems

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iamdrscience writes: "
Karl Szmolinsky, a 67 year old, East German pensioner that have breds [sic] rabbits the size of dogs for 47 years was asked by North Korea's ambassador whether he might be willing to sell some rabbits to set up a breeding farm in North Korea.
So far he has sold 12 rabbits for 80 per rabbit instead of the usual price of 200-250. Each of the rabbits weighs about 7kg and can be used to feed eight people."

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