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Submission + - T-Mobile's data confirmed genuine

omuls are tasty writes: T-Mobile have first confirmed that the leaked data, posted on the Full Disclosure list over the weekend, is genuine. Later, however, they downplayed the incident and denied any leak of information whatsoever.

It does seem that the data is genuine, but its origin and the potential scope of the breach remain unclear. Security experts seem to agree that the probability of hackers owning sensitive information is low. E-mails sent to their address bounce.

Submission + - Django 1.0 has been released (

omuls are tasty writes: Django, the increasingly popular Python Web framework, has just hit version 1.0. The pace of development in the weeks and months prior to the release has been nothing short of frantic. Many new features have been introduced, and various important parts of the framework have been refactored. Compared to the previous release (0.96), this one brings full Unicode support, as well as major improvements to the Django admin, ORM and file handling, and many more — including promised compatibility with the upcoming Jython release. And most important of all, Django API is now considered stable and should be backwards-compatible in the forthcoming releases. Is it time for Django to rock the Rails world a little bit? Will it replace Zope/Plone as the flagship Python product?

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