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Comment Re:pros and cons (Score 1) 108

What I have found is that, when I write code like I would for a team, I tend to re-use those modules, bits and pieces in many more projects; so the payoff is actually quite good in the long run. Furthermore, after a few months have passed I always regret when I have not documented those re-usable pieces well enough.

Comment Re:Abuse of sudo (Score 1) 145

That does not beat my take on bypassing security: saving said password into a macro to achieve "automatic login". It also prevented me from taking the guilt trip to the IT dept. because I forgot my password AGAIN, since they made us change it every few weeks. To get to that macro someone had to get to my computer when it was unlocked anyway, so I did not find my own actions terribly wrong.

Comment Re:Ada Engineer... (Score 2) 277

Let me question your doubts with some facts. Two major insurance companies and one (huge) banking institution located in the midwest pay between $70,000 and $80,000 a year as of mid 2013 for senior-level positions. I know that from going to their interviews myself, and they were very desperately looking for people. Albeit not desperately enough to raise the pay...

Comment Re:We all dance in the streets (Score 1) 192

Have you ever heard of compiler warnings? VS will even warn you about stuff as little as when you use 10l instead of 10L because the lowercase L might be confused with the number 1. If you don't believe me, look at the amount of bugs that magically get fixed once you can compile your code with no warnings using the -w4 flag.

Comment Re:Who cares about performance? (Score 1) 108

Besides old timers, who cares if it takes a couple more hours to deplete the battery?

Seeing as all these phones are pretty decent, from my point of view, I just want the greatest performance.

FTFY. In other words, it doesn't fit my use case ergo no one else can benefit from it.

Comment Re:bing dat (Score 1) 100

It is a marketing issue. It is saying to the general public: Microsoft products suck so badly that not even their own employees use them!

If I remember correctly, Microsoft had a smartwatch many years ago that could only tell the time if it had a Wi-Fi connection, I am SHOCKED that it didn't catch on.

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