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Comment Re:no surprise, what people use at home they use t (Score 1) 161

The default packages selected, mostly. Used to be that the server LTS version was supported for longer, but no longer true.

My last project, I chose CentOS 6. But I literally had it down to which LTS OS had the most recent release so I didn't have to worry about a distro upgrade for longer.

Comment Re:try a real state (Score 1) 271

That's because most poor vote democrat because of social programs that only really work well in urban areas. The rural poor don't get much benefit but still pay the taxes for it. It's nothing to say about how progressive or backward people are. It's all purely selfish motivation and not the best interests of the country/state as a whole.

Comment Re:Color options like different-coloured windows? (Score 1) 231

"Hey look at us, we're so cool, we can do transparency!"

This is more of a side-effect of more GPU acceleration. The transparency is just proof that it was using the GPU, more or less (for the consumers that wanted that sort of proof/showoff). Windows 8 and 10 dumped most of that and went flatter than ever.

Comment Re:PSA: (Score 1) 231

Unless they changed more in Edge, "Internet Settings" in the Control Panel is probably the Edge settings. Go there and set it not to resume. I haven't used much with Edge, so I honestly couldn't say.

Otherwise, finding the registry/filesystem location that saves the browser state and deleting it. Do you uninstall every program you have a launch problem with?

Comment Re:PSA: (Score 1) 231

Uninstall Edge just because it's resuming a browsing session after closing? That's a configurable behavior in Chrome and Firefox, too.

How about you clear the browsing session data or turn off automatic crash recovery?

Sure, it should let you close it. Beyond that, it's doing what you've asked it to do.

Comment Re: As a Linux supporter, I agree (Score 1) 378

But that's all irrelevant if you choose to leave your desktop on all the time. Some of us like to save power and anything over 5 seconds to re-open all applications and browser tabs is too much. S3 suspend doesn't require more than a few megabytes of RAM for hardware states and does not require swap at all. RAM is still powered during S3 sleep - even on a laptop. You're thinking of S5/hibernate (or hybrid sleep) which can be disabled without breaking S3.

Swap is only relevant if you choose to hibernate - but you could get around 90% of those cases by just adding a UPS to your desktop.

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