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Comment Re:i'VE BEEN HATING THE caps lock KEY FOR DECADES (Score 1) 644 644

Why is this throwback to punch cards still around?

Accessibility? I hurt one hand and typed one-handed for a while. Used caps lock to type capital letters. I use caps-lock on my phone all the time for passwords when operating one-handed.

Comment Re:Updates (Score 1) 316 316

Why CAN'T I have the old start menu back if I want? It's really not that difficult to supply it as an option. I will go out of my way to reintroduce those options if necessary. I don't care what you want as the default, I care about being able to select MY CHOICE.

Apparently someone has released a patch for explorer.exe to let the Windows 7 version run on Windows 8. All the articles I found predate the Windows 8 RTM.

Comment Re:RMS Says I Told You So (Score 1) 316 316

I like dumb terminals. Especially, e.g. having access to my home server via SSH. The difference is some people want to run their own local server and software and be able to pick up any device and use with it. That's not MS-specific, they're just jumping on a wider bandwagon enabled by the Internet. We're moving to an era of (semi-) device-agnosticism.

Comment Re: ... and the hype for Windows 10 begins.... (Score 1) 405 405

I actually use a hackintosh on OS X (still stuck at 10.9 because I'm lazy) as my primary OS, thanks to my older version of Final Cut Pro that I still love. But I've never understood the foaming mouth outrage at Windows 8. And other than some (admittedly, user-hostile) discoverability problems, it functions alright with a mouse and keyboard. Windows 10 makes the apps capable of being windowed, which is the biggest complaint anyone had over Metro other than the start screen itself.

I'm old (59), and I'm here to tell you that NO ONE with a visual acuity (corrected) of under 20:200 needs icons the size of the standard Tile size on "Metro".

Not visual acuity. Motor skills. If you've ever watched an aging person (80+ or Parkinson's) click and drag an icon because their double-click is so slow and they can't hold their hand still enough, you'd know what I'm talking about.

OS X's full-screen mode has a similar discoverability problem to Windows 8. The first time I accidentally put an app in full-screen on OS X, I couldn't figure out how to bring it back down to a window. Mousing to the top of the screen brought no response. You have to actually hold the mouse there for several seconds to get any response. When the same happened in Windows 8, it was no more and no less frustrating. At least on Windows 8, you have a hardware key to leave a full-screen app (Windows logo key) - sure beats CTRL+CMD+F.

The Metro interface hitting desktops is a lazy way to allow library/binary compatibility of apps without any thoughts. It swear it hit Windows Server as almost an experiment. On the other hand, Windows hasn't had a decent full-screen terminal or command line since Windows ME. OS X finally has one. I think Powershell users might actually be OK with using a terminal in the new UI...eventually. And no - I'm not a Powershell user, but I know in at least the command line, you can use tab completion and the quotes come for free. And OS X's bash requires quotes for spaces, too.

Just stop being a Mac apologist if you're not willing to admit Apple has made nearly as many user-hostile moves. I want to upgrade to Final Cut Studio 3 but I can't (without paying big money on eBay). It was replaced with Final Cut Pro X without warning and completely dumped the UI. And the new UI was so bad, that Conan featured a segment on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Comment Re: ... and the hype for Windows 10 begins.... (Score 1) 405 405

Windows 8 honestly isn't that bad. The start screen is good for more than just tablets. It's definitely aimed at children and old people who may not have the clicking dexterity to navigate smaller icons, much like how OS X's dock with magnification does. The big problem with Windows 8 was not making the UI discoverable (unless you are using touch) such as the badly named charms bar or the menu options in full-screen apps. Power users get by just fine by pressing the start key or clicking start and then typing right away - exactly how it worked in Windows 7, but with a bit of a context loss due to it being full screen.

Windows 8's tablet convergence was only a clone of what OS X had already started (but abandoned more quickly). OS X's "start screen", Launchpad, is a direct clone of their iOS home screen and they launched their own Mac app store around the same time. OS X was definitely headed there.

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