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+ - VMware Workstation 6 packs enough to trounce compe->

Submitted by joerandom
joerandom (785196) writes "VMware released Workstation 6 last month with several new features. Along with a polished interface, Desktop virtualization users get support for their USB 2.0 devices, copy-pasting text and files with guest OSes, and more. Developers can test their apps in the VMs from their IDEs and can also record and analyze a VM's characteristics to understand why an app crashed, or run the VM in the background using inbuilt VNC capability. And once the experimental features, like Direct3D, get into the mainstream version, it'll challenge specialized apps like Cedega. As per this review Workstation 6.0 easily outshines competition."
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+ - VMware offers Fusion beta testers deal on final re->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "VMware offers Fusion beta testers deal on final release With VMware Fusion now in its fourth and final beta, the company has stated that Fusion will become generally available by the end of August for a suggested retail price of $79.99. Until that point, VMware is offering beta testers the right to pre-order Fusion for an introductory price of $39.99.

Fusion is VMware Inc.'s virtualization platform for Intel-based Mac OS X desktops. Like the product VMware is trying to upset — SWSoft's Parallels Desktop — Fusion allows end users to run native Windows applications at the same time as Mac OS X. Apple's own BootCamp allows users to boot in to either Windows or Mac OS X, but not simultaneously.

Read the rest of the story at"

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+ - Microsoft playing dirty in Virtualization->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "In this whitepaer from VMWare:
( licensing_wp.html )
They detail the various things Microsoft is doing to ensure they own the virtualization market. This sounds like the usual questionable business tactics that has put Microsoft in trouble with the various competition watchdogs around the world. Is the open source virtualization world concerned about these moves by Microsoft? Has anyone started any legal actions against these activities?"

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+ - Microsoft: "Shipping is a Feature Too"

Submitted by bughouse26
bughouse26 (975570) writes ""REDMOND, Wash.-Microsoft said on Thursday that it is pulling features out of the initial version of its "Viridian" hypervisor to avoid having to delay the virtualization technology." ization+features/2100-1016_3-6182852.html viridian_thinned/"

+ - Microsoft backpedals on Viridian virtualization

Submitted by
virtualization_dork writes "TechTarget has the story — Microsoft's Windows Server Virtualization software, code named 'Viridian' will ship with Longhorn in the second half of this year, but stripped of many important features like live migration (think VMware's VMotion,) hot adds and support for certain processors. Read the story now: Microsoft backpedals on 'Viridian' virtualization."

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