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"Tube Map" Created For the Milky Way 142

astroengine writes "Assuming you had an interstellar spaceship, how would you navigate around the galaxy? For starters, you'd probably need a map. But there's billions of stars out there — how complex would that map need to be? Actually, Samuel Arbesman, a research fellow from Harvard, has come up with a fun solution. He created the 'Milky Way Transit Authority (MWTA),' a simple transit system in the style of the iconic London Underground 'Tube Map.' (Travel Tip: Don't spend too much time loitering around the station at Carina, there's some demolition work underway.)"

Comment Re:Stealing? (Score 0, Troll) 390

You are (wrongly) assuming that every CD given away is a lost sale

Imagine that some company sells a CD with just one track, which is a bell ringing for 3 seconds, and they sell it at 3,000,000 $.. If I gave one away, would it be a 3,000,000 $ sale lost? No, because it wasn't going to be sold anyway...

Comment Re:How about the even more useless keys? (Score 2, Funny) 806

I don't know why, but the windows computer at my job does the Copy with CONTROL + INSERT and the Paste with SHIFT + INSERT, weird, I know... It's Windows XP, I could change it if I wanted, but I've just get used to it, tho at home I use the common ctrl-c, ctrl-v....

Comment Re:meh. (Score 1) 419

You should check this:!

The game also shipped with a "CyberSniff 2000", a sheet of numbered scratch-and-sniff paper, corresponding to a number displayed on the screen at a certain location, so that the player could get a scent of what the area the player was in smelled like.

I loved the beans smell


Using a Toy Train To Calibrate a Reactor 120

alfredos writes "Physicists and engineers at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory built tracks inside a fusion reactor and ran a toy train for three days to help them with their calibrations. From the article: 'The modified model of a diesel train engine was carrying a small chunk of californium-252, a radioactive element that spews neutrons as it falls apart. “We needed to refine the calibration technique to make sure we are measuring our neutrons as accurately as possible,” said Masa Ono, the project head of the National Spherical Torus Experiment.'"

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