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Comment Re:The Struggle (Score 1) 410 410

So now you're replacing your original claim with a new one.

No, but I perhaps poorly stated my claim in the first place. I suppose I can see how, out of context, my claim could be misunderstood.

Do you have anything to support your new position, or do we have to take your word for this as well?

Uhm, you linked it and quoted it.

Comment Re:The Struggle (Score 1) 410 410

I'm being accused of being anti-white, based on "crap others like [me] say", except no one like me says any such crap. It's a made up boogey man, and none of the very few examples anyone's trotted out* hold any water.

* I've gotten one reply with supposed evidence of white-hating anti-racists. They named two authors and two publications, neither of which turned up anti-white sentiment when actually Googling for it.

Comment Re:The Struggle (Score 1) 410 410

https://google.com/?q=jessica+... - hmm nope
https://google.com/?q=anil+das... - nope
https://google.com/?q=jezebel+... - nope but there's some amusing stuff
https://google.com/?q=themarys... - more nope

Sorry, as an anti-racist, I'm already used to this accusation, and it's a stupid fantasy. While I'm sure that there are actually a few people who genuinely "hate white people", it's a straw man argument to set this up as the position of the author or defenders, when none have expressed it. It's just a way to easily dismiss anti-racist sentiment without actually talking about its genuine motivations.

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