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Comment: Re:I know how this is going to be fixed... (Score 1) 349 349

1. Racist thing exists or happens. (This also works for basically any other kind of power imbalance, but I'm trying to stay relevant.)
2. Almost always, nothing gets done about it. In those cases, skip step 3.
3. On rare occasions, racist thing is addressed, reversed, reduced, or merely talked about.
4. Defensive, ignorant, entitled fucks get upset because... no actual harm was done to them... but I guess they didn't like voluntarily finding out that racism was maybe marginally reduced, but they couldn't be bothered to, like, not read about it or something.
5. Those defensive ignorant entitled fucks change the narrative so that they're the victims because of some made up opposite day version of reality.
6. For some reason this becomes the baseline framing when we return to step 1 for the next round. (By the way, this is why people actually know what the fuck "politically incorrect" and "SJW" are supposed to mean.)
7. Actually calling any of this out for its own racism is treated as proof of the defensive ignorant entitled fuck's delusions, bolstering the baseline framing in step 6.
8. Go to 1. Or 2.

Comment: Re: lol (Score 1) 349 349

In this case, the "punitive damages" were negative public reactions, which extracted an apology (and, one hopes, a bug fix?). I'm sure you're not suggesting that it was wrong for offended parties to express their negative public reactions, or that the apology issued by Google was an undue burden? Let's also agree that a bug fix is actually in Google's interest.

So I'm kind of at a loss as to how that enormous corporation was harmed by these out of control PC Police. Or whatever is the framing du jour.

Comment: Re: Does it matter? (Score 2) 668 668

Yeah okay but that website is kind of a buckshot approach to dismissing any kind of nonsense it sees fit. Which would be fine, until you actually start reading it. Let's take a stroll through, uh, random selections from just above the fold on the "rituals" page. What's the harm with "rituals"?

He passed out while using a native american sweat lodge and his friends thought he was astral travelling. They used rituals to try to wake him up. In reality he was extremely dehydrated and died at a hospital.

What rituals? What kind of rituals do people use in a "native american[sic] sweat lodge" to "wake up"? This is the kind of nonsense I'd expect from Reefer Madness.

During a social club ritual initiation, someone mistook a fully loaded gun for one loaded with blanks. He died of a gunshot wound.

That has nothing to do with ritual initiations, and everything to do with being absolute morons with guns.

The liver of the fugu fish is widely known to be toxic, but he believed he could survive the poison. He ate four of them as a demonstration. Within minutes he died of paralysis and convulsions.

That's not a ritual, that's a known-dangerous delicacy that's banned because it's known-dangerous.


Let's go find out about the harm of feng shui.

The neighbors both believed in feng shui, but didn't get along with each other. When one put a mirror on their house to reflect bad luck, the other did the same and the feud escalated. The argument ended up in the street with one person dead.

Unless the claim is that the mirrors made them do it... I'm pretty sure morons kill each other over sports and musical taste too. What's the harm in liking basic human recreation, amirite?

Okay but surely believing in ghosts is harmful right?

Helen owned a house that she believed was haunted, and she promoted that fact publicly. Unfortunately, she did not disclose that to the buyer of her house, who decided he didn't want a haunted house. A long court case resulted, which Helen lost.

Seems like both of them believed in ghosts, but one of them made out pretty well.

Rachel and her friends decided to go ghost hunting near a local haunted house. They didn't realize the owner of the house did not like visitors, and owned a gun. She ended up with a gunshot to the head and a long hospital stay.

I'm sure that Rachel wouldn't have been shot if she'd been trespassing for scientific reasons.

Okay what's the harm of Holocaust denial? LOL holy fuck. Apparently the only harm in Holocaust denial, according to this idiotic website, is that societies which don't prevent speech might fine or arrest you for unpopular speech.

Yeah sorry, pick a better source.

Comment: Re:Knowledge (Score 1) 312 312

But that is pure information, removed from any intent for use.

Yo, if you want to explode some things there is explosives info in this publication - now am I a terrorist?

BTW that particular book is also REALLY POORLY WRITTEN. [etc]

Yet people are still trying to ban it.

Any way you slice it, how-to content should be protected speech.

Comment: Re:ISIS is the bad guy? (Score 1) 312 312

The thing that's astonishing, and that Orwell got wrong, is that you will find astute people who actually defend this fully aware of the fact that they will attack it in the future—just as you find people now who defend the stability of Assad's regime who will readily admit they attacked it in the recent past. We were not always at war with Eurasia, but we may well be again in the near future and we should always be at the ready to be craven profiteers of whatever short-sighted gain can be had in any version of the 24 hour news cycle.

Comment: Re:This Amin kid is obviously an idiot. (Score 2) 312 312

So toughen up, little Ali Amin, because your ass belongs to the Commonwealth of Virginia now, and
they are going to teach you that sympathizing with the lunatics who behead people or burn people
alive comes with a price. Personally I wish the authorities would just report you had hung yourself in
your cell and call it a day.

Damn right. Get ready to deal with a slightly-to-moderately different bunch of lunatics and their nominally distinguishable abuse.

Never say you know a man until you have divided an inheritance with him.