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+ - Crisis averted in BIOS source code leak->

Submitted by mask.of.sanity
mask.of.sanity writes: The world's largest BIOS vendor has attempted to calm rising panic over the leak of the cryptographic signing keys and source code for its UEFI BIOS
A Taiwanese vendor had left a file transfer protocol server open for anyone to browse and download internal emails and the source code for the vendor's UEFI BIOS and cryptographic signing keys.
The company, American MegaTrends, said the security keys on the ftp server were not used for production systems.

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Comment: Re:It's called the key (Score 5, Informative) 1176 1176

by omegadraconis (#42903249) Attached to: Driver Trapped In Speeding Car At 125 Mph
Found another story about this indecent. It indicates that "...which the Weeknotes was customized in light of Lecerf's epilepsy, with the gas and brake controls moved to the steering wheel)." from USA today The Manual (Found at does indicate that the automated version has an Neutral gear. It also indicates that shifting to neutral and then pressing the ignition should stop the engine. There is also a park for the automatics... I suppose if they moved the gas and brake they may have moved the gear-shift (thought it's not stated). If that was the case and the disability controls were malfunctioning (likely) then your screwed. Of course you could throw the keys out the window From the manual, page 2.5 titled "Starting/STOPPING THE ENGINE (continued)". "If the card is no longer in the passenger compartment when you try to switch the engine off, the message “card absentlong press” appears on the instrument panel: press button 1 for longer than two seconds"

Comment: No mention of bandwidth? (Score 1) 442 442

by omegadraconis (#36210124) Attached to: Should a Web Startup Go Straight To the Cloud?
How could you in a cost effective way ever hope to handle "millions of accounts and daily hits" from your home internet connection without paying through the nose? I mean I've heard of fiber connections that are pretty quick but, realistically you need redundancy to run a successful project. What happens when your one vm or your single internet connection goes down? At the very least you are best off shipping your server to a data center for colo and don't forget to backup often :-)

Comment: Re:FreeNAS Box (Score 1) 609 609

by omegadraconis (#32217140) Attached to: Best Solutions For Massive Home Hard Drive Storage?
I agree FreeNas FTW. ZFS is the way to go. I have two FreeNas setups in my basement that are out of sight and cooled by the basement air. Both of them have 8x1TB drives in RAIDZ and run great. I have them with a c2d, 2gb ram and 1gb nics. They have no trouble pushing the full 1gb on the NIC and the CPU usage just breaks 15%. The upnp streaming server works great with my xbox360, for the other computers I use samaba or ftp.

Comment: Uh probably nothing to even worrie about. (Score 1) 758 758

by omegadraconis (#24682441) Attached to: How Do I Prevent Lan Party Theft?
I have been a part of a group that pulled off a few public lan parties. We had around 60 to 70 people at each one and never had a single problem with theft. Most of our attendees didn't stray very far from their rigs. We did require that people register in advance or when they arrived so we knew their name and handle. I would recommend you require people to be 18+ or be with someone who is. When they register, have them sign a disclaimer if you are really worried about a law suit.

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