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Comment: LinkedIn sold my email address (Score 5, Informative) 268 268

by oman_ (#28708081) Attached to: 12% of E-mail Users Have Responded To Spam

A friend of mine invited me to linkedin by using my personal email address and lo and behold I started getting a ton of spam relating to owning a business.

Never EVER EVER type your (or a friends') email address in to a website no matter how reputable they seem.
They will change their privacy policy the second they decide to make a buck.

And I hope the linkedin people go to hell because now that email address is about useless.

Comment: Re:This article is hoplessly wrong pulp fiction (Score 4, Interesting) 123 123

by oman_ (#27882415) Attached to: How an Intern Stole NASA's Moon Rocks

Back when I was in high school my father was the chairman of the historical society in town and someone had at one time donated a pretty large moon rock to the museum.

We looked in to selling it because the interest of the money in the bank would pay all the museums bills indefinitely.

Turns out...

NASA is the only place that can verify the authenticity of a moon rock. They would not guarantee that they would give it back. A moon rock is a national treasure. A national treasure can not be owned so it can't be legally sold.

What's funny is I had no idea of the potential value of the small object we had in our house. The rock was almost the size of a small lemon.


+ - Put the Amiga Demoscene in your DVD Player

Submitted by
Jason Scott
Jason Scott writes: "Four years ago, the crew at Hornet put out a collection of PC demos spanning 10 years on a DVD, and called it "Mindcandy". Everyone asked when they'd come out with a DVD of demos for other platforms, and just four short years later, they've announced MindCandy 2: Amiga Demos. It's got 30 Amiga demos rendered on the original hardware, a documentary about how a demoparty is run, and even 5.1 surround remixes of all the music. Additionally, they're sponsoring a rare US demoparty this April called Blockparty. It's a great year for demos!"

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