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Submission + - Nerd Needs Help With Webkit Python Fiasco 1

lkcl writes: "I'm in need of slashdot advice and help, as I recognise that I'm taking the wrong approach. Background: I'm a free software developer and, to put it charitably, "I don't get out much" (i.e. I don't see why people have difficulty with what I do). As a result, I've been banned from about five major free software projects mailing lists, and blamed for causing problems (but often I then see reports months later, of other people encountering the same thing with the same team!). I decided a year ago to put python on a par with javascript when it comes to DOM bindings, and have ported pyjamas to XULrunner, webkit, and recently IE's MSHTML. The trouble I'm having is with webkit (webkit doesn't have DOM python bindings, but IE and XULRunner do). At around 300 comments, we've got past the roaring bun-fight stage, and just got to the point where things were finally moving along, when one of the webkit maintainers decided to engineer an excuse to disable my account. Ordinarily, I'd leave this alone, but I feel that this complex project — of making python truly the equal of javascript when it comes to web application development — is too important to just let it go. So — seriously: I'm not messing about, here; I'm not looking for an excuse to whinge; I truly need some advice and help because i am absolutely not going to quit on this one. What do you feel needs to be done, to get Webkit its free software python bindings?"

Comment Re:Article is very misleading - JS benchmark only (Score 1) 510

Um, except the benchmark is a JS only benchmark, so the performance of the *JPEG* library, or any other frameworks seems unlikely to come into play.

Anyway, regardless of how Safari gets its speed, Safari is faster -- If QT had a faster decoder or whatever i doubt people would say "opera appears faster, but that's just because of the library"

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