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Comment: Re: Politics aside for a moment. (Score 1) 535

This seems to be a complaint about the convenience of quickly collecting and/or processing, not necessarily about "breaking the rules". You seem to be mixing up multiple concerns here.

If she CC'd her messages "properly", it appears she can satisfy the rule as written, even if such would make life difficult for investigators. The rule said nothing about making data easy to collect.

Nobody has produced clear evidence so far that she failed to CC properly. I suspect there may have been times that she forgot every now and then, but that may not be enough to bust her on. They'd probably have to show malicious intent.

Comment: Re:Yes. What do you lose? But talk to lawyer first (Score 4, Interesting) 363

by FreeUser (#49192407) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Should I Let My Kids Become American Citizens?

Yes. They don't lose anything by becoming citizens (there are tax issues but they are pretty minor), and being a US citizen has a lot of advantages, like the support of US consulate services.

I'm a dual citizen (born American, obtained British citizenship while I lived there), and while my default position would be "you should grant them US citizenship as that opens up more options to them if they ever want to live in the US" (and despite the many issues, there are still good reasons to want to live here for many people), it should be said that the tax bullshit really is onerous, and renunciation would be expensive. It is like the US congress has built a financial Berlin wall around the country ... sure, you're free to leave, if you can pay up (and pay for expensive tax preparers who specialize in filing US taxes for expats, as the forms are by no means easy), but good luck ever getting out from under our thumb.

It's not an easy question to answer, and as someone else suggested, I would involve your 16 or 17-year old child in the decision beforehand, with good financial and legal advice on the implications pro and con. Weighing the option of living here vs. the never-ending IRS headaches of living abroad--that's a tough one.

Comment: Re:At last... [Apple's Future] (Score 1) 113

Jobs produced duds also: Lisa, Next, "Cube" Mac, round mouse, 1-button mouse, Apple-TV. The potential problem I see is that Apple may be afraid to gamble because if they fail with a product, then everyone will panic and say they "lost their edge when Jobs died".

It's not that they cannot find innovators, it's that they don't have enough margin to gamble due to expectations.

They should tell investors outright: "We have to gamble and have to fail to move forward. Jobs made mistakes, and we'll probably also make mistakes, perhaps even more while we are learning lessons it took Steve a lifetime to learn, but gambling is necessary to Apple's future. There will be duds."

Comment: Windows Phone looks decent enough but... (Score 1) 419

I already have an android phone. It works and I'm comfortable with it. Other people already have iPhones and feel the same way about them. They'll most likely go for the same OS next time.

MS needs to come up with something that convinces people it's worth switching!

Comment: Re:The results are deliberately skewed (Score 2) 243

by 91degrees (#49181677) Attached to: Racial Discrimination Affects Virtual Reality Characters Too
Surely that only matters if you're concerned about relative racism between white people and non-white people.

It's looking at the difference in opinion of the participants regarding white people and black people. They did one experiment. They changed a single factor (race). That affected the results.

Comment: What's the key spacing? (Score 1) 55

by Ungrounded Lightning (#49178401) Attached to: A Versatile and Rugged MIDI Mini-Keyboard (Video)

Is the key spacing the same as a standard piano keyboard? If not, how does it deviate?

Can it, in combination with some particular, commonly-available, MIDI software package(s), be programmed to have the same touch characteristics and sound as a piano, harpsichord, etc.? If so, are the configurtation parameters to produce equivalent performance already available?

Comment: Re:It's not the PC microphone ... (Score 1) 93

by Ungrounded Lightning (#49177877) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Wireless Microphone For Stand-up Meetings?

Or bypass the problem completely by using a USB microphone. These digitize the audio right next to the microphone proper, with everything floating at the same voltage so nothing substantial is picked up betwen the air pressure sensor and the A-D converter.

Bluetooth headsets work great for this, too. Most current generation laptops already have the bluetooth central-role radio onboard. Or get a cheap low-profile bluetooth dongle.

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