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Comment Re:Low-amp thermoelectric? (Score 1) 695 695

there are units that use the heat of the stove passing through a heat sink to generate power, which then drives a fan. I think EcoFan is a Peltier-junction thermoelectric generator. There are stirling engine alternatives. We used one on our liveaboard boat for years.

Comment Rhapsody rocks. yes, Real is cool (Score 1) 121 121

while I don't hew to the subscription model for most of my media, as a musician and erstwhile student of music history, I've found Rhapsody to be an excellent tool. I can't afford to purchase (and don't have the time to steal) everything in Big Media's back catalog. Rhapsody enables that search/ listen/think cycle that makes me feel like I'm effectively schooling myself in musical history.

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