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Comment: Editor's "editing" (Score 1) 144

And while Apple can readily fix a bug in its own software, at least for users who keep up on patches, "Linux" refers to a broad range of systems and vendors, rather than a single company, and the affected systems include some of the biggest names in the Linux world, like Red Hat, Debian, and Ubuntu.

Now, who was this comment for? Half the stories generate complaints about obcure acronyms and lack of context in the summary, but you manage to throw that in?

Comment: Re:And so this is Costco's fault? (Score 1) 440

by oldhack (#46617285) Attached to: Million Jars of Peanut Butter Dumped In New Mexico Landfill
I'll go slowly. I'll quote the sentence in question:

Never mind most of the people getting it free would not be able to buy it anyway.

The batch of PB given away/thrown away won't affect those who shop at CostCo, so what exactly does the sentence above add, except to negate the preceding ones?

Kids with twitter these days...

2000 pounds of chinese soup = 1 Won Ton