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Comment: Re:Safety PSAs sponsored by local utilities (Score 1) 618 618

The point was that as you have to use that company as it is in a monopoly situation you do not have a choice but t use them. At least by not using their site you are avoiding their advertising practices.
Here I have no such issues and can select whichever supplier I desire, and I would certainly pick one that does not force advertising down my neck.

Comment: Re:... and back again. (Score 1) 249 249

I have had the same issue as the parent yesterday.
The server is internet connected and remotely managed by me, but is 300Km away at the moment!. I could not install .Net3 without the DVD installed! ( originally installed from an OEM supplied disk not ISO).

Eventually found a post that suggested I use a Win8 ISO which the components are the same. As I had one locally on the machine I use to to run up VM's Remotely I could use that instead.

Only took 1 hour of googling !
My main gripe is what the F*&k is older version of .net installed with 4.5?

Comment: Re:Replacement Organs (Score 1) 75 75

Thanks. I realise the cost to produce may well be above what I mentioned and as In Australia we are very lucky to have the top class facilities available to us here for largely free ( medicare pick up most of the bill), but hope that one day a replace can be created, and they people in need will be able to get them.
The cost of home Dialysis here is also a stupid cost, and the infrastructure to support it may well ( hopefully ) make it attractive to invest in this sort of development.

It is interesting about the Dialysis process you mentioned, can you post a link to some info?

Comment: Replacement Organs (Score 4, Interesting) 75 75

I would love to know if and when this sort of research will be able to provide replacement organs for those in need.
My Wife had Kidney failure 14 years ago, and receive a family members kidney 4 years later. The cost and problems associated with anti rejection drugs, although minor compared to Dialysis, do take their toll.
I am dreading the day the current kidney fails and as it health is slowly declining, that will be sometime in the next 10 years probably

To be able to have a new kidney created from her own cells would negate the need to most of those drugs and the associated issues with them. To me it would be work $10 - 20k to have one made

Comment: Re:stupid (Score 1) 558 558

As a moderator on a Popular Australian bonsai website, Without captcha we wod be screwed. the amount of spam whil having it on is bad enough, We had it turned off for a while and got hammered!

We actually use multiple methods, and we still get spam!

the only answer would be to shoot every spammer!

Comment: Re:Disabling Antialiasing (Score 1) 114 114

thanks, I have just tried that and found that if I set the Default font to DejaVu Sans, with Hinting to full and Antialiasing to none that it is quite OK.
Only problem now is that Firefox and Thunderbird ignore these font settings :-(

Wonder why that is the case on Linux, but they honor the font settings under windows?

Comment: Disabling Antialiasing (Score 1) 114 114

Can some one provide info on how to disable Anitaliasing fonts on Mint ( or any other Gnome UI )
Forget the invitable comments that liased font look better and provide a better user experience. For mae and many others, they just look Fuzzy and give me a headace after about 30 minutes of use

I support windows 7 for work and to turn off all antialiasing, it is one check box. If I do not do this at the first boot on Win7 / 2008 install, byt the time the install has completed I have a headache for the rest of the day.

Same applies to recent Mint / Ubuntu

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