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Comment: Re:I wouldn't trust non-professional reviewers (Score 1) 248

by okooolo (#42401755) Attached to: Amazon: Authors Can't Review Books
For specialized products that require some expertise to be appreciated that could be true (ex high end cameras, guns etc), but for most everyday objects (books, music) anyone can have a valid and often very insightful opinion. Personally for exotic stuff I look up reviews on specialized forums (ex for PC stuff I go to newegg reviews rather then Amazon). Aggregate reviews on those "professional" forums will be an excellent barometer. On a side note regular people often notice small sometimes obvious things that "professionals" overlook and comment on them.
The Media

Rob CmdrTaco Malda AMA On Reddit 101

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the mirror-universe dept.
TheNextCorner writes with news on where CmdrTaco has been hiding. Quoting Malda's IamA blurb over at that Reddit thing: "In 1997 I started For several years, we pioneered news aggregation and on-line communities while exploring our niche of the 'net under the slogan, 'News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters.' Our work was later expanded upon at countless other more successful sites including Reddit and the Huffington Post. I left Slashdot last year, took a long time off, and then started work at the Washington Post Co's WaPo Labs their digital media R&D skunkworks group. I work as their Chief Strategist and Editor-at-Large, contributing what I can to a variety of projects ranging from their Social Reader, to some projects under development. From here I am able to continue to explore my interests in news, journalism, technology, and communities. ... I'll hopefully be answering from 2pm-5pm ET"

Comment: Re:If Afghanistan hadn't been so neglected... (Score 1) 707

by okooolo (#39713499) Attached to: Anti-Education Attack Poisons 150 Afghan Schoolgirls
Not true. For example Germans built loads of bridges in Afghanistan before war world 2 and considering that Europe had way bigger problems 20th century (two world wars, cold war etc), it's unfair to blame Europe for Afghanistan's woes.
People of Afghanistan never wanted western help and resisted any contact with western cultures.
Afghanistan is just a collection of warring tribes with different goals and no national identity. The state is doomed to failure.
Those who want help, need to help themselves first.

Comment: Re:great (Score 1) 51

by okooolo (#39375747) Attached to: SAIC Settles CityTime Case For $500.4 Million
Admittedly I have no experience with city contracts and living in a different country I don't know much about american government's procurement process but it seems to me that all their deals will be put under a microscope from now on. I wouldn't be surprised if they lost their government contracts anyway, regardless of the fine. Fact that an actual huge multinational corporation has actually been found guilty is what gives me hope.

Comment: Re:"Starting with the Nazi military during WWII" (Score 1) 295

by okooolo (#39239885) Attached to: The Vortex Gun Coming Soon To a Protest Near You
Although Waffen SS did include camp guards and such it also had elite panzer & infantry divisions.. we're taking about over 900 000 soldiers that fought in all major battles of war world 2.Waffen SS divisions were some of the best trained military units in the conflict.

Comment: Re:I have problems with this (Score 1) 1319

by okooolo (#38189082) Attached to: Muslim Medical Students Boycott Darwin Lectures
Believe it or not some people are not afraid of death (not me per say being an atheist), but I've met old people while working in an retirement home that simply died happy with a smile on their faces. Being unafraid of death does not mean someone is looking for it. A truly religious person ( ex my brother) believes that we were given a gift of life for a reason and we should not waste it. It really is hard to fully understand that sort of argument, but I admit I kind of respect it and maybe even envy it a little. I've noticed that that kind of faith gives a tremendous amount of internal strength.

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