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Comment: Re:If only Bill Waterson inspired other cartoonist (Score 1) 119

by oji-sama (#47205475) Attached to: Bill Watterson (briefly) Returns To Comics

Technically it is an opposite of a fan. Not that that really changes your point. I believe I smiled because of the absurdity. Perhaps because I had just been reminded of the world of Calvin and Hobbes. The person in the strip has a fantastic idea which is then shot down by a stupid pun by a talking windmill. Could be that partial reason for the smile is the appearance of the windmill itself, as windmills have made several appearances in xkcd in different contexts.

But yes, you disliked it, I enjoyed it, XKCD hopefully goes on.

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by oji-sama (#47189307) Attached to: Bill Watterson (briefly) Returns To Comics

I don't agree with this. I don't think he is personally all that famous, rather his work is famous.. And while I am not a huge fan, I am a fan nevertheless, and personally got rather good value (enjoyment, joy) for my money... Good enough that I consider the idea that Watterson should give a little back kind of offensive towards the man himself.

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by oji-sama (#47185547) Attached to: Mad Cow Disease Blamed For Patient's Death In Texas

They take a sample from every herd, because even if it would only add $0.01/lb of beef, would there actually be time to analyze all 33M slaughtered head of beef every year?

In Finland they check every healthy specimen over 30 moths old and sick ones that are over 24 months old at time of slaughter. Texas might have a cow or two more, but something something economics of scale might be of some help.

Anyway, beef has been big business in the US for a long time. Why is (according to the Minnesota Dept of Health) the disease rate still 1/1,000,000 per year?

I honestly hope the disease rate stays low.

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by oji-sama (#47163231) Attached to: AMD, NVIDIA, and Developers Weigh In On GameWorks Controversy

In my experience the AMD drivers&software have been more stable. Probably I just have bad luck, but just today I got a pop-up from the Nvidia Experience that there's an update. Clicked it and got 'cannot connect to Nvidia servers' or something similar. The last driver update failed to update one of the components. And the display adapter has crashed once (managed to recover though).

I'm currently using GTX 670 (got the Windforce model and it is really quiet) and I'm reasonably happy with it, but I had none of the update problems with my previous HD6850. Of course, my thinking may be coloured by the horrible nvidia chipset I once had. Or the lack of support for my previous laptop gpu. Compared to those, my current GPU problems are minimal at worst.

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by oji-sama (#47102915) Attached to: Report: Apple To Unveil "Smart Home" System

True, but this requires excluding the Firewire from the listing. My main complain is the inaccuracies, which I partially addressed above.

I even ignore USB 3.0's expanded and incompatible cables - you can't plug a USB 3.0 cable into anything that doesn't support USB 3.0. You can plug USB pre-3.0 cables into USB 3.0 devices though. The saving grace is that USB 3.0 cables are rarer so you're far more likely to pull a USB 2.0 cable than a USB 3.0 one.

This is misleading, considering that you can indeed use a USB3 cable with a USB2 host. And as stated above, you can use the old cables with new devices, so I would not exactly call this an actual change of standard. Upgrade it is. And personally I much prefer the idea that you can use any cable, not a proprietary one.

Comment: Re:If iPods/iPhones Have Taught Me Anything... (Score 1) 174

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That's not what he's saying. Of course USB B cable from 2001 still works today. What he's saying is that mini B, micro B (and now C) have been added since 2001 and new devices use these new ports. So you'll need a new cable if your new device doesn't connect using that old B cable. By comparison, Apple changed their cable once in 10 years.

I know, but you do realize that all those mini and micro cables can be connected to the same original usb1 port (and/or usb2 / usb3 port), as the host end has always been the same. Does the same 'of course' apply to Apple's cables? Admittedly I think the mini was a bit of a misstep, and going straight to micro would have been better.

Of course all this may change with the 3.1, but if it does, it is in my count the first major change for the cables...( And hopefully there's no 'hardware drm' in the cables to prevent unauthorized copies..)

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by oji-sama (#47098297) Attached to: Report: Apple To Unveil "Smart Home" System

Firewire - well, we had USB 1.1 and the gigantic USB B connector. (2001)

USB B is still being used... There's one in my display (which only supports USB1-2), another in my printer (although I connect via wifi).

USB has gone through more changes in its plugs than Apple in the same period. And it's a standard.

And yet I can take a USB1 memory stick and it works in a USB3 port.

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While I understand your point, I still don't get what is so difficult with export.:

Calendar (the ics is the one you want). Access to sharing is in the top bar of the page:

Links to "[xxxxx] calendar" with event details Anyone with these links can view event details on this calendar View in a web browser (HTML) Import into other calendar applications (ICS) View in a feed reader (XML)

The ICS is a uri, but if you want to import your calendar somewhere that doesn't understand it (most calendars do...), you can simply replace the webcal with https and do things manually...

Mail: IMAP

People / Contacts: There's an export function directly in the top-bar of the people page, which starts a download for .csv.

And please note that I am not in the context of Google being a rotten company, just curious as I've visited the to see what it looks like. I only use OneDrive from there... most of my emails are in gmail..

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