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Comment Re:Here's an obvious power saving solution... (Score 1) 196

Dont even need to. ALL of the components have power scaming features. That 600 watt gaming pc uses less power than its monitor when youre browsing the web (50-75 watts). People seem to not understand that the power ratings are maximums, not constant.
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Apple and Nike Settle FuelBand Lawsuit 14

An anonymous reader writes: Nike and co-defendant Apple have reached an agreement to settle a class action suit that alleged false advertising from the two companies indicating that the FuelBand fitness watch had capabilities to track health. The two companies agreed that Nike would pay $2.4 million out to customers who purchased a FuelBand between January 19, 2012 and June 17, 2015. Apple was a co-defendant in the case, but only Nike has been found liable for falsely advertising the wristband.

Comment Re:no hdmi 2.0 = useless for big screen gaming (Score 1) 77

Correct. There is no such thing as an adapter. At some point someone may make a display port to hdmi one, but at the moment there is no way to get 4k at 60hz on an hdmi tv except to buy an Nvidia card. I researched a ton and then ended up selling my existing AMD card and buying a 970 when I got tired of 30hz.

Comment Re:Trammel killed Ultima Online (Score 4, Insightful) 75

UO:R didn't kill it. EA did. It was just time for a sequel, it was getting dated. There was a sequel on the pipeline, but EA bought Origin and axed it in favor of making low budget expansions and milking what was there instead of risking a sequel. I hate EA to this day for that. They killed the beat mmo franchise to ever exist.

Comment Re:Get Ready to Pay More (Score -1, Offtopic) 55

Here is something really depressing, I bought some for my wife for $450. Then I found some stupid website that gives a coupon code I give to the pharmacist that makes it $20. Im like.... so because I didnt know the magical coupon code yall took me for all I was worth? Basically the coupons sites give out just get them to charge you what they charge the insurance company. Now if I could only find something similar for doctors who rip off everyone paying cash. Insurance price for visit $125, paying customer price for visit $500. WTF

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