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Comment Re:"fooling even the most seasoned security pros" (Score 2) 38

The latest phishing test we did at work used a spoofed email address that looked like HR at our domain and said you needed to read the enclosed word document, print it, and turn it in to HR. No macros so you didn't need to enable editing or enable macros in the document for it to work and it still silently redirected to an external site. In practice the email wouldn't have gotten through without help, but all it takes is one. You can image with just a word document, an internal looking email address, and proper writing skills, it got a LOT of hits.

Comment Re:The freedom of not having a car (Score 1) 242

Even old crappy cars wont have much wear and tear at 8km a day. I drive a 2000 Tacoma with 200,000 miles on it and have spent less than $200 on parts since I bought it at 30,000 miles. Maybe $50 a year on oil and filters. If I had a commute as short as yours I would spend far less.

Comment Re:Cheating more of an issue for diesels (Score 3, Interesting) 203

Motorcycles cheat like crazy. Almost all of them. They severely lean out portions of the fuel map that get used in the test and leave other portions at optimal or even a little rich to reduce warranty claims. First thing most owners do is buy an exhaust system for the sound, often eliminating the cat, and a tuner to fix the horrible EPA test cheater fueling.
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Apple and Nike Settle FuelBand Lawsuit 14

An anonymous reader writes: Nike and co-defendant Apple have reached an agreement to settle a class action suit that alleged false advertising from the two companies indicating that the FuelBand fitness watch had capabilities to track health. The two companies agreed that Nike would pay $2.4 million out to customers who purchased a FuelBand between January 19, 2012 and June 17, 2015. Apple was a co-defendant in the case, but only Nike has been found liable for falsely advertising the wristband.

Comment Re:no hdmi 2.0 = useless for big screen gaming (Score 1) 77

Correct. There is no such thing as an adapter. At some point someone may make a display port to hdmi one, but at the moment there is no way to get 4k at 60hz on an hdmi tv except to buy an Nvidia card. I researched a ton and then ended up selling my existing AMD card and buying a 970 when I got tired of 30hz.

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