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Comment: Re:Well DUH! (Score 1) 403

by oic0 (#48091391) Attached to: Fuel Efficiency Numbers Overstate MPG More For Cars With Small Engines
I love motorcycles because you can drive hard and still come within a couple mpg of what you would get babying it and highway / city doesn't matter much. My ZX6R gets 42 babying it highway, 40 flogging it city. My VTX1800 gets 32 babying it, 30 not My WR250X was an exception and got worse on the highway due to lack of power and poor aerodynamics but still managed 58 highway, 65 city.

Comment: Re:Reminds me of cars until the 1950s (Score 1) 207

by oic0 (#47903755) Attached to: Sapphire Glass Didn't Pass iPhone Drop Test According to Reports
Or just have easily replaceable super hard glass over a more tough glass. Glass offers better optical transmission and a better surface. I've been using a tempered glass screen protectors for the last year and mucn prefer it. In reality phones are alreadtly built this way. The front face plate is very cheap. Its just hard to remove since its glued on.

Comment: Same thing happened to me with AM2 (Score 4, Interesting) 102

by oic0 (#47843049) Attached to: Some Core I7 5960X + X99 Motherboards Mysteriously Burning Up
I bought one of the first AM boards and they said it was rated for high watts. I made the power regulator shoot flames 10 minutes after I had it together. They lowered the rated power handling and refunded me but lame Newegg made me pay return shipping...

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by oic0 (#47602767) Attached to: Robotic Suit Gives Shipyard Workers Super Strength
Average weight of a south Korean male is 70kg, so almost 43% of their body weight. I agree though, wimpy. I can't imagine bothering to put it on. Even if it's additive to your current strength, it would be a waste of time. If you are constantly moving stuff that heavy you could do it faster with a forklift. If you are constantly moving lighter stuff you can do it faster without the suit.

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by oic0 (#47570709) Attached to: Amazon's eBook Math
Its likely best to start a book at 15 and slowly drop it down, just like like every other entertainment medium.... and like they already do by releasing hard backs first. The price thing is true though. I read a lot, I probably buy 2 or 3 books a week and when I am digging for books to buy I give a lot more consideration to cheap books. More expensive books are given much lower priority when I am considering what to buy. I wouldnt even consider a $15 book and a $10 is barely within consideration. $3 is more like it and $6 being a stretch.

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That's because small cars are easier to drive and most drivers are pretty unskilled. Walk through a parking lot looking for poorly parked vehicles and most of them are going go be behemoths. The drivers have no concept of where the vehicle is in relation to the stuff around it. That doesn't help matters for the person in the small car, it just means the best case scenario is to be in a behemoth and know how to operate it.

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Because she probably has kids. Everyone wants their kids to be safe. If everyone else is in a 5000lb suv and you are in a mini, one good punt from an inattentive SUV and your kids are hospitalized or dead while the SUV lady's rug rats are fine. Someone puts their safety ahead of others, then it's a ridiculous arms race to keep up or be crushed. I'm not putting my hypothetical kids in a 1800lb car on an busy American interstate until everyone else is in them too.

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