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Comment Eventually... But not yet (Score 5, Informative) 406

It certainly has stopped being so popular but it isn't likely tl fade completely away for a long time. I still see it on monitors and TVs. These thin devices thst have no port usually have a display port that easily converts to vga with a cheap dongle.

Comment Re:Go AMD! (Score 1) 65

I had the reverse issue. Owned AMD cards since the 2000 series. Very little driver problems, nothing remarkable. Then I got an Nvidia 970. Glitchy drivers all around and a corrupt mouse cursor all the time. Windows 10 came out. Still having the same issues but add flickers and the screen going funky colors. They finally fixed all of that after several months of windows 10 but overall my experience with my 970 has been full of driver bugs (most related to being at 4k 60hz, but if the card supports it, it should support it!).

Comment Re:Say What?! (Score 5, Interesting) 228

They arent inherently loud. In fact, their power greatly improves with what would be a very restrictive exhaust on a four stroke. Cheap leaf blowers are just loud because they are cheap and have tiny crappy mufflers. Two strokes also don't have to be inefficient. In larger applications they can generally have a lot more power density than a four stroke and very similar emissions / fuel economy if used with direct injection. Their main problem is that they blow intake charge out with the exhaust when not at the optimal resonance frequency with their exhaust expansion chamber. If you dont add the fuel until the port is closed, its not a problem.

Comment Re:Now if we could only ... (Score 1) 300

News flash... it is illegal to carry a gun around without a conceal carry permit so any bad guys walking around with guns can be arrested on the spot. Its also illegal to be in possession of a gun if you have committed a previous crime AND most states keep records of every gun sale and can track down the owner of any given gun. What extra benefit would be offered by a license may I ask? It would just be a fee that law abiding citizens would pay and would accomplish nothing to prevent crime. As is, criminals mostly have stolen guns and in almost all circumstances will be arrested if caught carrying it on their person.

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