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Submission + - Jupiter, Venus, the Moon Aligned in the Sky->

ohxten writes: "Look, in the sky... it's Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon aligned in the sky. Easily visible to the naked eye (at least, my naked eye), this apparently happens from time to time but they are either "too close to the sun or unite at a time when they aren't so visible." According to Jack Horkheimer, director of the Miami Space Transit Planetarium, the next time the three will be so close and visible will be November 18th, 2052.

The Moon isn't visible right now, but take a look to the southwest and enjoy the view."

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Submission + - Comcast Internet Acting Up Lately? 2

ohxten writes: "Ever since Comcast announced it would start prioritizing it's user's internet bandwidth, I've been having a lot of trouble with their internet services. For a period of about an hour every other day (sometimes longer, like tonight) at different times of the day, the internet has been either extremely sluggish or inoperable. VoIP phone calls (through Vonage) don't work and I can't send any emails that have attachments. It takes a very long time to make a connection to a website before the content loads. It's not a DNS issue because I've tried 3rd party servers, such as OpenDNS, with no difference. I'm in a pretty sparsely populated area, so I highly doubt it's being caused by an excess usage of bandwidth by others on the same network.

Is it just a problem in my area or are others experiencing this as well?"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Tired of the Rapid Pace of the Internet?->

ohxten writes: " is hosting a project called WebToSnailMail. WebToSnailMail is 'a free service where you can receive web pages by regular postage.' Apparently all you have to do is send a self addressed and stamped envelope with the URL of the desired web-page to them, and in 4-6 weeks they'll return your envelope with the web-page you requested printed out in it.

If you're still running a 300 baud this just might be an attractive offer..."

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Submission + - OSX Virus Up for Auction?->

ohxten writes: "According to Intego, a Macintosh security specialist, a virus writer by the name of Miguel García Carmen claims to have written a virus that exploits a previously unknown ZIP vulnerability, that, according to him, when uncompressed, "KO's the system [OSX] and Hard Drive". Miguel's full quote is "MIGUEL GARCÍA CARMEN, this is the name APPLE will have to engrave in stone and STEVE JOBS will never forget, since this man has been the first to ever make such a file that when you uncompress it, it KO's the system and Hard Drive."

Intego isn't providing a link to Miguel's website, which is apparently down, but they claim that Miguel is auctioning off the virus, and the bid is currently over $7000 USD."

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Submission + - New malloc() Helps Discover Ancient yacc Bug->

ohxten writes: "An ancient (at least 33 years old) stack-overflow bug has been discovered and fixed in yacc, thanks to a new malloc() implementation by Otto Moerbeek. It turns out in a rare case yacc will attempt to access data above the stack pointer, causing a segfault. More information and a complete description of the problem can be found here.

It's deja-vu all over again."

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Submission + - XShm: A Much Faster Way to Share Images in X->

ohxten writes: "XShm is an extension that changes the way X shares image data with other processes. X is designed to write image data to a socket each time an image needs to be drawn. XShm allows image data to be placed in shared memory instead, which, as you might imagine, allows for quite a nice speedup."
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Submission + - goosh - the Unofficial Google Shell->

ohxten writes: "Stefan Grothkopp has come up with a pretty neat tool called goosh. It's essentially a browser oriented shell-like interface that allows you to quickly search Google and Wikipedia and get information in a text-only format.

This is quite possibly the coolest thing I've seen in a good while."

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Submission + - PunBB Goes Commercial, Forks into FluxBB->

ohxten writes: "PunBB, a PHP-based bulletin-board system, has recently gone commercial, being purchased by the people who run Rickard Andersson, the project leader, announced he would be ceasing his active involvement with the project at least temporarily. Most of the developers of the project thought it best to maintain control over the direction of the project while still living up to the standards set by Rickard, so they created a fork. Enter FluxBB, a free open source forum application designed to be fast, light and user friendly.

You can read the FluxBB development team announcement here."

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It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Linus Torvalds Has Trouble Running YouTube->

ohxten writes: "Today Linus Torvalds filed a bug report on Fedora's Bugzilla page, stating 'youtube no workee — fedora 9 not usable for wife'. Apparently 'This is "high" priority because the wife will kill me if she doesn't have her videos. And the adobe player won't install on current rawhide due to some library issues.'"
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Submission + - Newegg Responds to Creative Product Returns-> 2

ohxten writes: "It appears that Newegg (or someone claiming to be the company) is suspending sales of the Creative sounds cards which are having issues running under Windows Vista, in response 'to nearly 5,000 return orders within the past 48 hours', after Creative decided to put a stop to a driver modder who was redistributing modified drivers to fix the said issues. As of yet, however, the products in question are still listed on Newegg's website."
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Submission + - Phishers Target Dreamcast Lovers with Scam->

ohxten writes: "A group of phishers executed a rather nasty trick on Sega Dreamcast lovers a few days ago, using the forfeited domain to gain access to user's e-mail passwords. On the old official web site, a new question was posted asking if users still owned a Dreamcast. Those who claimed they still had one registered for an account, thinking that Sega was trying to gauge the remaining install base as an indicator of whether or not a Dreamcast successor was in the cards."
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