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Comment: Re:Fighting immigration fraudsters? Really? (Score 1) 104

by ohnocitizen (#49435481) Attached to: Biometrics Are Making Espionage Harder
O'Keefe's antics are not trustworthy, and they are not journalism. He selectively edits his videos to make whatever point he wanted to.

In a March 2011 interview with O'Keefe, NPR journalist Bob Garfield described the ACORN scam: "So let's just recap for a moment the ACORN scenario. You lie to get into – the offices. You lie, subsequently, about the lie you told to get into the offices. You edit the pimp shot into the trailer to create the illusion that you were somehow wearing it during your sting. You go on television wearing the same pimp outfit and let interviewers observe, uncorrected, that that’s what you were wearing when you confronted the ACORN employees. If your journalistic technique is the lie, why should we believe anything you have to say?"

"Yes, it is different in the sense, that there are other ways to commit immigration fraud. But every single person, who sneaks across the border illegally is a fraudster."
You'd be hard pressed to find a lawyer who agrees with that. Now people who break immigration laws to cross the border can utilize fraud once they are here (false documents, stolen identity, etc). But its like saying everyone who breaks into a home steals a TV set. It happens sometimes, it is made easier by breaking in, but they are not the same thing.

More importantly you are side stepping my point and arguing semantics. The article is about fighting people who prey on those so desperate to go to another country they will risk anything. So when you quote someone who (ironically) has committed fraud in several senses of the word and try to change the subject, don't expect much trust for what you're selling.

Comment: Re:Fighting immigration fraudsters? Really? (Score 4, Interesting) 104

by ohnocitizen (#49430085) Attached to: Biometrics Are Making Espionage Harder
Daily Caller? James O'Keefe? Not the most reliable sources. Also: immigration fraud is different from sneaking across the border: ( These are the people who prey on immigrants, not the immigrants themselves.

Comment: Look around your home (Score 1) 117

Methods are improving and materials are improving. As costs continue to drop and more materials become available, look around your home and ask: What objects could be replaced with replicas made of metal, ceramics, even advanced composites of wood or stone. A composite maplewood desk. A custom designed set of steel silverware. Porcelain plates. Ceramic bowls. Iron composite free weights. I have a painting I purchased at an art museum. It would be neat to be able to snap a photo, get home and have a replica suit of armor. Surely this won't cover everything, but certain kinds of objects will simply be available now, whether or not you purchased them directly (simply by having the materials necessary). It will be interesting to see how the market reacts, but in terms of the products that get replaced, to the innovations that build on top of this.

Comment: Re:The Irony of a witch hunt (Score 2) 157

A congress critter has actively worked to harm a cause you care deeply about (one as central to democracy's function as a free and open internet). But shame on anyone expressing their opinion or looking for a way to push back. If anything is the new PC - it is the outrage police.

Comment: Re:Why does it seem (Score 1) 653

by ohnocitizen (#49414073) Attached to: Carly Fiorina Calls Apple's Tim Cook a 'Hypocrite' On Gay Rights
Irrelevant? Feel cuddled? At least two lesbian couples have come forward and revealed doctors refused to treat their infants because of their sexuality. Imagine going to the doctor and suddenly being told you have to find a new one because your doctor "prayed over it" and decided he/she could not treat you. Hurt and confused you decide to go to a restaurant and grab some lunch, only to be asked to leave. These are real problems faced by real people, and "it doesn't affect me" is not a reason to dismiss them. I mean, if these are such non issues, then surely you won't mind if I choose not to serve Christians in any of my businesses? Of course not, because Christians are already smugly relying on their superior numbers to make that a non starter. This is part of the reason why it is important to care about the rights of the minority - because they cannot leverage the market to fight back.

Comment: Re: Christian Theocracy (Score 1) 1168

This shouldn't be marked informative, it is misleading. This law differs in several substantial ways from the laws at play in other states ( However even if they were equivalent laws on the books in other states - then they too would be examples of the religious right exerting influence.

Comment: Christian Theocracy (Score 4, Interesting) 1168

This is another power grab by the religious right. It is connected to their efforts to restrict sex (through access to contraception, sex education, abortion, etc) and control the lives of Americans in the bedroom. But you know what? Every article, every boycott and every protest is pushing them back. Similar bills are stalling or failing. The outrage at actions like these are causing more and more Americans to leave their religion in disgust. The more we drag this bullshit into the light, the more the theocrats feel the heat.

Comment: Re:Define "Threatened" and "Unwelcome" (Score 1) 765

It isn't helped by people like you minimizing the problem and making it seem frivolous. This particular example just seems silly - the article doesn't reference where the jokes went "too far" so I can't speak to that. But spouting bullshit like "reverse privilege" and shouting down women who complain is problematic. Women who complain about *anything* - but especially tech - online are subjected to threats and harassment that men are far far far FAR less likely to encounter. As always the story isn't about some women (and only some - look at the tweets there are plenty of women who find it funny) who object to dick jokes. It is about the way those women are treated as a result of sharing their opinion.

Pi Day Extraordinaire 107

Posted by samzenpus
from the pecan-apple-or-cherry? dept.
First time accepted submitter DrTJ writes Today is Pi day. This year is a bit more extraordinary as it is 3/14/15 (in American date format). To celebrate, USA Today has posted a number of videos of kids reciting Pi, one of them to 8,784 digits. The Washington Post highlights the story of a couple who decided to make it their special day. "Donahue, 33, a Legal Aid attorney, fell for Karmel’s geeky side as soon as they met. On a beach vacation with her friends in 2012, a psychic told her, 'You are about to meet your soulmate.' Three days later, she walked into Kostume Karaoke night at Solly’s Tavern along the U Street corridor and saw a man onstage croaking out the Backstreet Boys’s 'I Want It That Way.' By the end of the night, he would be serenading her with Cake’s 'The Distance' — the song the DJ will play when they cut the pie."

Comment: Re:False premise... (Score 1) 367

by ohnocitizen (#49214663) Attached to: Yik Yak Raises Controversy On College Campuses
It gives a clear example, that is being ignored thus far. Threats of rape at a women's center. If you've been raped, are going to a woman's center for support, and see messages calling for a gang rape + know it is coming from within a 1.5 mile radius, that is pretty damn scary. The problem with threats is you have little idea which ones are misguided expulsions of internet hate, and which are early warning signs from someone who might actually carry through and commit a related act of violence.

Not saying censorship is the answer, but we sure as hell should not pretend this isn't an issue.

It's not so hard to lift yourself by your bootstraps once you're off the ground. -- Daniel B. Luten