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Comment: Re:Important question: get out of my Sprint contra (Score 1) 222

by ohmygodatoyrobot (#37485404) Attached to: Sprint Customers Face 5GB Hotspot Data Cap, As of Oct. 2
Thank you. I was a Sprint "Premier" customer until they got rid of that and I'm paying out the nose for this thing, the bill is around $118/month without insurance on the phone. I want to shop around a bit. It's just ridiculous how they railroad consumers.

Comment: Nonprofit nonfunding in California (Score 1) 409

by ohmygodatoyrobot (#32330234) Attached to: I suspect my current job will end when ...
I'm a sysadmin at a non-profit that gets the entirety of its funding from the State of California and, although I have no reason to believe that my job is on the chopping block now, I am genuinely concerned that I may be laid off in the next two or three years if the situation doesn't improve. The director sent out an email last week casually mentioning that we were getting funding from the state in the form of IOUs last year, not cash, but he managed, with the accountant, to keep our cash flow flowing through conservative business practices. It feels like we're on the precipice here.

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