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Comment Re:Ummm (Score 2, Interesting) 84

Want to obfuscate text? Just run it through a language or 5, then back to the original language using something like google translate. No paraphrasing needed.
Wil teks verduisteren ? Net hardloop dit deur 'n taal of 5 , dan terug na die oorspronklike taal gebruik van iets soos Google vertaal. Geen parafrasering nodig .
Dëshironi tekstin errët ? Vetëm të drejtuar atë nëpërmjet një gjuhe ose 5 , pastaj kthehet për të përdorur gjuhën origjinale e diçka si Google Translate . Nuk ka parafrazuar nevojshme .
5 . .
, . Just 5, Google . .
You want the text in the dark. Just run it through the language or 5 , then return to the original source using something like Google language translation . A quote is necessary .
Note: international characters may not show in comment.

Comment Re:Nielsen ratings (Score 1) 302

Yeah, I got the Nielsen diaries last year as well. I live in a small town about 65 miles from the state capital - so no OTA channels. We have one local PBS station, which they classify in the state capital market. So far so good. But, Nielsen recently put our town in the market of a city in another state (about 70 miles away). So, we cannot legally get our old channels or any local news - the FCC seems to take Nielsen markets as law. To make it more confusing, the commercials for the cable channels (e.g. ESPN) seem to come from a third city 150 miles away. It's such a mess, I sent the diaries back with the $5 and told them to clean up their house before they asked me to take time and help them. If I wasn't afraid of caps on my internet for dropping TW cable, I'd cut the cord.

We're seeing the slow death of broadcast TV and cable. Until that model is finally buried, I expect a bumpy ride.

Comment Re:WMC? (Score 1) 317

That's gonna be a show stopper for me. I've installed some of the "alternatives" and the configuration is damn near impossible. And, once it's running the system seems so fragile and unstable that I can't really count on it to finish playing a file, much less record something.

Comment Re:Create a $140 billion business out of nothing? (Score 4, Interesting) 458

While there's no denying Apple helped build the sector into $140B (or whatever it is), the real innovation was bringing data to users at a reasonable price.

I had some lame windows smart flip phone prior to the iPhones coming out. But, it wasn't subsidized by my employer. The browser was garbage, and the email was rudimentary. I lived in fear that something would misbehave and I'd get slammed with $100's of dollars in data fees from AT&T. I bought an early iPhone and lost that fear. Ultimately, the closed ecosystem drove me to Android. Now, I struggle to get to 10% of my monthly data cap.

For me, opening cell companies to reasonably priced data (by jumping in at the right time and locking in with AT&T) is what Apple did to open the market.

Comment Re:They ARE a utility. (Score 3, Interesting) 706

You've hit the real problem. Many large ISP have effective monopolies through high infrastructure costs. I would expect that any government regulation would first seek to formalize these, justified by the claim that service and rates would be managed centrally by the government.

We have, with great struggle, deregulated power and gas in my state. In most options, the prices were lower for competitors delivering service over the same "pipes" as the official, prior monopoly.

Comment Re:They ARE a utility. (Score 0) 706

When the airlines were de-regulated in 1978, fares dropped. But, passenger loads increased. This, of course, allowed commoners better access to the friendly skies.

I'm pretty sure if government gains more regulatory control over the internet, speed will continue to lag our peers, quality will go down and price will go up.

Comment Re:in the meantime : (Score 1) 204

My Yoga 2 has a 3200x1800 display. It is practically useless as many applications cannot scale correctly. With windows 8 on there, it's rarely used. I've not found decent Linux distro that works well, either. I'll stick with 1080.

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