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Comment: Re:"Easy to read" is non-sense (Score 1) 409

by oh_my_080980980 (#49743337) Attached to: The Reason For Java's Staying Power: It's Easy To Read
Lot of "ifs" in that statement of yours. But your fundamental assumption is flawed, it is not easy to read code period. It's easy if you developed it and it's easy if you routinely code in that language but when you are not the developer and you don't routinely use that language, then it becomes difficult. Not too mention programmers suck at documenting their code. The point of high level languages is that they would be readable like the english language. Java is pretty close to that.

Comment: Re:"Kaspersky's relationship with the Kremlin" (Score 1) 288

"WMD did exist, and were found."

WTF are you talking about. There were no WMDs found in Iraq. Period. Rumsfeld kept saying he knew where they were but they could not turn them up. There were as no nuclear program. Period. Iraq did not attempt to buy yellow cake uranium. The tubes that Rice claimed would be used to enrich uranium would not have worked. Period. We invaded Iraq because Bush junior wanted to not because the U.S. was under attack by Iraq. Fuck Off you moron.

Comment: Re:The US Navy are the most intelligent forces in (Score 1) 68

Apples and Oranges. You assume that the Navy does not have trained IT personnel. I believe that was the point. If the Navy can't do it, because they employ the trained personnel to do it, then you should take notice.

FYI you argument is inane, because you do not know the great majority of scientists. Thus your judgement is meaningless.

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