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by oh_my_080980980 (#46728913) Attached to: Michael Bloomberg: You Can't Teach a Coal Miner To Code
Yes you are very dumb. The point is that it's unreasonable to believe that people who have spent their lifetime working in a particular field are going to suddenly become computer programmers. The solution to unemployment is not teaching someone to code. By the way these are the same companies that want more H1B Visas so they can import more foreign workers. So much for teaching to code only to not offer them a job because some guy from India is doing it.

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by oh_my_080980980 (#46728827) Attached to: Michael Bloomberg: You Can't Teach a Coal Miner To Code
"A better way to state the question: half the population has sub-median intelligence."

This is based on what exactly? Hate to break it too you but those "intelligent" jobs, aka tech jobs, are going overseas or people from India and China are being brought here to perform. So what exactly do you tell the above-median intelligent person who has a cs degree or a computer engineering degree to do? Go back and get another degree?
FYI building trades are consider manual or blue collar jobs. Those are not going away.

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She was intimately involved in the decision to go to war with Iraq and spoke publicly in support of it.

She was an integral part of the Bush administration's campaign of lies surrounding the war, working to further public support of the war by lying about Iraq's non-existent weapons of mass destruction.

Rice played a central role in affirming the "legality" of the Bush administration's torture program.

Rice not only spoke in favor of the Bush administration's warrantless wiretap program and expansive domestic surveillance program, she authorized the warrantless wiretap of UN Security Council members.

But you keep thinking that a extremely brilliant and accomplished individual, having obtained her Masters degree at age 20, isn't smart enough to ask the right questions or able to go toe to toe with Cheney or Rumsfeld....

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