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by ogdenk (#47839423) Attached to: Carmack On Mobile VR Development

Slight exaggeration but generally I don't cave when it comes to physical threats.

The position stands. Most smartphones are used to play games, send SMS/MMS texts and screw around on Facebook. And simple thoughtless push button activities are what these devices are designed around, not real work. They hide the filesystem from you and make exchanging data with anything but e-mail too much to grasp for the average user. They are intentionally crippled. Even exchanging data between apps ON THE SAME DEVICE is incredibly hobbled and Apple's attempts to address this are a kludge at best.

Like I said, very cool portable game system and facebook client. They are toys. Cool toys with 3D accelerators but toys nonetheless.

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by ogdenk (#47838179) Attached to: Carmack On Mobile VR Development

Mobile development is a joke in general. Unless you're a very established big name, you get lost in a sea of copycat apps. And then you have the piss poor performance, fragmentation and mutant java stack issues with Android. The iOS app store is run by goosestepping nazis who are happy to ruin years of development to reject your app because they might be thinking of doing something similar or because they simply don't like it. Or because it actually does something useful and the UI is "too complex" for teeny-bopper facebook junkies.

I wouldn't waste my time on developing for the current crop of smartphones if somebody put a gun to my head and a $5,000 check in front of me. NewtonOS and Windows CE were actually far more USEFUL platforms than the current game machines with dial pads.

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Are you seriously arguing that skilled workers with years of experience should be working for minimum wage?

And THIS is why the folks that built this digital world and made a global economy even possible need to retaliate and unionize against these backstabbing bastards. They basically made us build our own gallows.

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by ogdenk (#47731889) Attached to: Tech Looks To Obama To Save Them From 'Just Sort of OK' US Workers

If you spend your life studying something that allows you to be replaced for $10/hour then you are frankly retarded. Nobody owes you a comfortable living. You need to earn it and part of that is having the foresight to see what might be valuable to employers.

No. I'm worth more than that, it's just desperate folks in 3rd world countries with degrees will take 1/3rd of what I'm paid. Like I said, I shouldn't have to live on food stamps because your arrogant rich ass can tap into 3rd world labor and undercut the value that exists right here. Sure, most of them really aren't as good but what does quality matter with automatic updates and the ability to sell the product for the same price as companies hiring Americans?

Who is suggesting that you do? If you provide enough value for the wages you command then you should be able to live very nicely. But if your job can be done by someone willing to work for $10 per hour then you better reconsider just how valuable what you do actually is. Furthermore, just because someone does a "blue collar" job doesn't mean they are an idiot. Stop looking down your nose at people who don't work in an air conditioned office typing on a computer. You think you are too good to get your hands dirty? Are you really that arrogant?

No, I get my hands quite dirty running cable so people like you can pull your balance sheet from servers I run as you erode the US labor force and prop up 3rd world countries at the expense of our jobs, blood, sweat and tears after we BUILT this digital world FOR YOU and you toss us aside and let the Indians run it.

You're right, not all blue collar workers are idiots and I did my fair share of brutal outdoor labor when I was younger. That was a bit rash and insensitive of me.

If you want to keep high paying jobs in the US then there is a lot of hard work to do. Better get busy because the rest of the world isn't going to wait for your lazy ass.

I don't have a high-paying job, I make in the high 30's because I took a paycut and got a more flexible job at a smaller company so I didn't have to work for ignorant assholes like you and would be in less danger of being outsourced because someone wants to save a few bucks. I shouldn't have to go spend $100,000 to re-educate because assholes like you are free to set up shop anywhere you want and we can't afford to follow.

Nothing has killed US manufacturing. I work in manufacturing in the US and have for most of the last 20 years. I run a manufacturing company. The US manufactures over $3 Trillion in goods each year. The US manufacturing sector alone would be among the 10 largest economies in the world by GDP. Manufacturing in the US is alive and well and anyone who says otherwise has no idea what they are talking about. The number of jobs in US manufacturing has fallen just like it did in agriculture a hundred years ago but that is not by itself a bad thing. Would you prefer that 50%+ of the nation's workers be employed on farms like they were 150 years ago? What has changed is that the US predominately manufactures capital intensive rather than labor intensive goods.

Tell all those f**kers in Detroit it's not a bad thing.

Nothing has killed US "assembling". Manufacturing however is mostly done elsewhere. You are delusional and very disconnected from society because of your position. People like you will be eventually dragged through the streets if current trends continue and people get desperate.

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The only economic reason they'd hire an American over an H1B is if the American is willing to let his kids starve and be downright abused for $10 an hour after spending his whole life studying his craft.

You outsourcing shills are downright retarded. It should be criminal. US IT workers shouldn't have to live like utter slaves, work 80 hour weeks and need food stamps just because some barely qualified H1B will do it for $10/hr. We are not disposable blue collar idiots. We are white collar professionals and we just want the same damn respect accountants, other dept managers, other educated employees and even secretaries get within the same organization. We are often abused just about everywhere companies get away with it. We're also treated with copious amounts of paranoia and mistrust.

How would you feel if hospitals outsourced all their surgical labor to Mexican H1B's getting paid $19,000/yr and still gave you the same $2,000 bill for giving your kid antibiotic eardrops after a 5 minute visit?

Americans can't compete on price. Point blank. It costs too much to BE an American and LIVE in America. We can't tolerate spending our entire lives (and a lot of personal money) dedicated to being the skilled folks we are only to be forced to compete at a hair above minimum wage. Get a grip.

And you think unionization killed US manufacturing? No. Outsourcing did. And as good as we are at pissing off the rest of the world, being a society of unemployed skilled workers, management, minimum wage employees and lawyers will kill us if the world cuts us off.

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Hey! I speed occasionally and I own a firearm or two *BUT* I don't shoplift or shoot everyone that pisses me off. So does that mean I'm only halfway antisocial?

Bringing security flaws that could get us killed to light in public view is NOT antisocial behavior. Hacking said systems and actually manipulating them to cause mayhem *IS* antisocial behavior.

Software security is VERY important. Anything can be hacked but irresponsibly making it blatantly easy for people to control these systems and cause loss of life or injury is insane. People that release knowledge of the flaws are not the enemy. It's the responsible thing to do as the people in charge of these systems will not act unless their ass suddenly depends on it.

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I find FreeBSD typically has far better documentation than the various patchwork Linux distros. A lot of FOSS projects are actually quite well documented.

The biggest problem with documentation is developers don't want to help maintain because it gets in the way of keeping their projects in a perpetual beta release state by changing things constantly.

Stable and mature software that can be properly documented = stale software that's less interesting to developers.

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Though you're wrong about high res screens. The screen in the retina pros generally are taken advantage of by anyone who has eyes. The resolution is doubled but the OS interprets it as one point made up of a block of 4 pixels. So doing things like sub pixel manipulation makes everything look crisp and beautiful.

While very cool, and I want one..... I can't justify buying the rMBP's... A cheap dual-core atom Thinkpad Tablet 2 running Win8 and a docking station meet most business desktop/mobile needs dirt cheap. While *I* would notice and make use of it, I can't justify it for my users.

I can't wait until this kind of thing is main stream. Going to even higher DPIs still has gains for the same reason, iirc. You can't see the pixel lines anymore, but that doesn't mean fonts get sharper or images look nicer. There's a point of diminishing returns, definitely, but I don't know if we are there yet.

As integrated video chipsets get faster and the displays get cheaper, it'll be mainstream. Like I said, I love the displays personally but I can't justify the additional cost. If the screen can do at least 720p then it's good enough in most use cases.

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Nope, still gone. I wanted to buy a 17" as my first mac after my Macintosh II that lasted over a decade.

Ummm..... the Mac II was released in '87 and discontinued in 1990. Chances are it's closer to 3 decades old. And I haven't seen a 68k MacOS browser that can render modern pages in an acceptable fashion. As cool as I think the 68020 is, trying to use a 16Mhz Mac II as a primary machine in the 21st century is a little weird. A/UX or NetBSD/mac68k would be fun on a tricked out Mac II as a toy though.

Hell, 10 years ago you could have bought a Blue&White G3 or early-model G4 for $50 and still had software compatiblity with the 68k.

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I'm shocked they sell 15" rMBPs.

And most people they sell them to use them to run Office and hop on Facebook and bought it because of looks and to feel "elite" compared to others in their organization. Apple is great at convincing people they need an i7 and a hi-rez display for basic computing tasks.

The people that can actually make use of them generally can't get them. I had to kick and scream to get my 2011 iMac and 2012 MacBook Air..... in 2013. And I'm the IT Director. I just wanted a UNIX box with native well-known productivity apps and a copy of VMWare Fusion for staging VM's for ESXi servers.

Apple is pretty much the only game in town for UNIX boxes with widespread commercial software vendor support for desktop apps. Linux can be workable if you don't mind jumping through hoops all the time as well as running commercial desktop apps in a VM. WINE is still a joke in most cases and unless ALL your Windows apps run in WINE you might as well use VirtualBox.

There are REALLY GOOD reasons for buying a Mac. Unfortunately none of them apply to the vast majority of Mac users and they are just underutilized, shiny status symbols.

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It supports MacOS X and a couple BSD variants. I'm sure with a little effort it could have been ported fairly easily rather than reinventing several wheels.

That means it supports more platforms than systemd..... which supports one. And properly dealing with it in software means broken fragmented apps and desktop environments.

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If you wanted to write code for a clumsy dead platform, why not the Apple Newton? Far cooler and more interesting. At least the Newton is the same CPU architecture.... just with a much better OS, 2 PCMCIA slots and a bigger screen.

Hell, even the Atari 8-bit is more interesting than a piece of crap from Palm.

Seriously, PalmOS sucks. I've written a couple things for it in the past and I wish I hadn't.

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