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+ - When should we ditch our platform? 2

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odoketa writes "My organization recently had to replace our web developer. It took us an extremely long time to find someone with the necessary skill set. I don't know if this is because of the platform we are running (which I will leave anonymous), or simply the fates conspiring against us. It's easy to assume that languages or platforms are popular based on buzz, but the rubber hits the road when you have to hire someone to maintain that code. How are folks out there determining when they've backed the wrong horse, and getting back on track?"

+ - Microsoft releases Vista SP1 to users

Submitted by odoketa
odoketa (1040340) writes "I was surprised to see an update waiting for me when I checked windows update this evening. One update weighing in at 200MB could only mean one thing, and checking the details, sure enough, it was Service Pack 1. According to the Overview of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 article on technet, there's a whole lot of 'improved reliability' and 'increased compatibility' waiting for people on the other side of the update process."

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