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Comment: Re:Another terrible article courtesy of samzenpus (Score 1) 385

by odie5533 (#47986839) Attached to: Seattle Passes Laws To Keep Residents From Wasting Food
Would that I had mod points. A very good explanation! Food can be wasted by not being eaten or by not being used to make fertilizer. Throwing food in the trash is a waste because it was not eaten and not used to make fertilizer.

It is a waste of a clean glass bottle to throw it in the trash when it could be recycled.

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If the OTA signal comes in encoded digitally as MPEG2 and is then re-encoded to MPEG4 to make it use less bandwidth, that is in a sense rebroadcasting.

What I choose to do with my files on my rented server for my own personal use should be only my business.

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He never said claimed anything of the sort. He simply observed that people like being able to talk about current tv shows and video games.

To answer you directly: sure, some art is worth appreciating more than 30 days after it's created. But this is unrelated to keeping up with current video game trends.

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by odie5533 (#47386693) Attached to: Qualcomm Takes Down 100+ GitHub Repositories With DMCA Notice
It seems most or all the code actually belongs to QUALCOMM. In the takedown it says that the documents requested for removal all contain the header "Copyright (c) 2012 QUALCOMM Austria Research Center GmbH". You can find the files still using Google Cache. They seem to mostly be QUALCOMM's own code that others are copying without permission, making it a clear copyright violation.

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by odie5533 (#47353635) Attached to: US National Archives Will Upload All Its Holdings To Wikipedia
It's not a straw man. You can't argue for zero standard, then call straw man when people draw perfectly logical conclusions of such an argument. Either you have a line as to what is allowed, or you don't have any such standard. Do you believe there should be some standard or threshold for notability?

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by odie5533 (#47347755) Attached to: US National Archives Will Upload All Its Holdings To Wikipedia
You don't need to host every piece of information on Wikipedia. People are free to put up their own websites to post personal opinions, trivia facts about their favorite tv shows, or new medical curatives they've discovered. Wikipedia just isn't the place for it.

You seem to be arguing for including everything in Wikipedia, and I think most contributors there would disagree and say that it's not the place for everything, and some stuff shouldn't be included.

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How can you know if the person giving you commands or arresting you is a deputized police officer and not just a security officer? Can you be charged for running from the police if you run from whom you believe is a security guard that hasn't identified himself as a police officer?

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