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Comment Re: Mickey Mouse copyirght extenstions... (Score 1) 183

Corporations seem to become behemoths whose only creative activity is related to money-making and tax-avoidance. As a corporation, âoeowningâ the rights to creative work done in the nineteenth century is only made meaningful by the among of money it brings in. If bringing in money on a large scale gives you your jollies, this is your path to enlightenment.

Comment Re:Eight is not enough (Score 1) 111

A year studying 20th-century music and doing serial music exercises in composition class prepared me well to listen to twelve-tone music. If I’m in the mood and I concentrate, I can quite enjoy an atonal piece. But in the end I grew to love renaissance music most, which is best described as pre-tonal (and definitely heptatonic).

Comment Re:Thai music is heptatonic (Score 1) 111

As far as I know, Thai music divides the octave into seven equally-spaced steps (7-tone equal temperament), then only uses five of them. So it’s a strange-sounding (to Westerners) pentatonic scale. Western music divides the octave into twelve equal intervals, but only uses seven of these in the scale that forms most of our music, which is basically heptatonic.

Experienced choral singers know that an F sharp is actually different from G flat, but that’s another thing altogether.

Comment Re:Lack of compiler support !!! (Score 2) 252

For example, recursion is often be appropriate when working through some sort of data structure.

Yes, traversing or pretty-printing a Lua table (which may contain tables itself) is commonly needed and should be easy enough for a beginners’ class

Iff you use Lua of course.

Comment Re:Best short programs (Score 1) 204

Oops, that wasn’t very clear. I meant macros for World of Warcraft. You could bind macros to a key, such as
/cast "Flash Heal"

One macro command was /script which would execute Lua code. Macros were limited to 254 characters, so the Lua code was limited to 248 characters (/script + a space took 8 characters). You could do a surprising amount with this.

Comment Re:Best short programs (Score 1) 204

Back in the day I learned Lua by programming 254-byte (I think) macros. As far as I know, the one-letter globals didn’t do any harm and it was good fun. Once I worked out how to write add-ons of unlimited size, my programming skills and code legibility improved greatly.

Comment Re:America, land of the free... (Score 1) 720

Think about the fallout if Deutsche Bank hired a database administrator with prior convictions for banking fraud, only to see that employee steal 100 million from the bank.

The Global Financial Crisis showed that banks and financial service companies are full of crooks clever enough not to get caught. So having prior convictions would be a red flag for them.

Comment Re:Age restriction only. (Score 1) 301

My wife finally got driverless cars a few days ago (or why I’m always going on about them). We were talking about our baby daughter being a teenager. When she realized that driverless cars would let our daughter get home from parties (without us picking her up) and that there would be less temptation for her to get in a car with drunk & stupid teenage drivers, my wife was “Bring it on!”

Moving gradually to driverless cars by giving the human less and less to do is a bad idea. It’ll just be more temptation to check their iPhone, whereas if the car is doing the driving they can do what they like.

Comment Re:How about (Score 1) 285

AFAIK, capsaicin doesn’t actually have a flavour, or at least a significant one. It chemically induces pain receptors to feel pain, so if you’re tolerant, you can enjoy the flavours of the dish. As parent says, searing pain may distract you from flavours.

Peppers can vary greatly in heat. I read recently some farmers talking about their peppers. They said that one pepper in ten would cause serious pain, and the others were significantly milder.

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