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+ - Government Minister & Right-Wing Catholics in Ireland Attempt to Censor Twit->

Submitted by
oceanclub writes "Neil of has written an article on how Irish politicians are attempting to link "cyber bullying" with political satire in order to silence criticism.

A musical director of a popular chat show in RTE (Ireland's national broadcaster), Jim Sheridan, is a regular and popular tweeter and has a long history of fairly mild photoshop spoofs aimed at politicians of all parties and other tweeters. (Such as this one:

Unfortunately for him, one of the people he lately spoofed was Ronan Mullen, an ultra-Catholic independent senator known for his hardline dogmatic Catholic views on abortion and whose history includes stories of being unpleasant to women who had abortions due to unviable foetuses ( and linking abortion to the Newtown Connecticut massacre (

Today's Irish Independent has reported that both the Irish communications minister, Pat Rabbitte and Mullen himself have condemned Sheridan's photoshops as "offensive" and that someone (unnamed) had complained to Sheridan's employer about him. One of the tweets alleged by Pat Rabbitte to be "dreadful and offensive" is merely "the head of [Ronan Mullen] stuck onto the body of a man wearing nothing but swimming trunks and a large crucifix."

RTE have not yet confirmed if they will take action against Sheridan."

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+ - Deus Ex Human Revolution Has Region Locked on PC->

Submitted by
oceanclub writes "Rock Paper Shotgun reports that the retail PC version of Deus Ex Human Revolution implements region locking, preventing people who bought a copy of the game outside their country from registering it on Steam. What is mindboggling about this is that the UK is considered a seperate region to the rest of the EU, possibly breaching EU consumer standards. A UK copy of the game bought in a Irish town lying along the Ireland-UK border cannot be installed and registered on a Republic of Ireland Steam account! said they were only informed this morning; they've changed their online description accordingly and said they would contact customers looking for a refund. Other retailers such as Gamespot Ireland are still looking for clarifications."
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+ - Irish Min. for Science to Launch Creationist Book-> 1

Submitted by
oceanclub writes "Conor Lenihan, the Irish Minister of State for Science, Technology, Innovation and Natural Resources, is scheduled on Wednesday 15 September to launch an anti-evolution book entitled The Origin of Specious Nonsense". The author, John J May, is a public relations person, marriage counsellor, poet, actor and ex-religious leader, but doesn't claim to have any science background in his biography.

In his book's synopsis on his website, he claims he will "unceremoniously unashamedly and unmistakably going to expose the fiction of evolution". In his quotes, he claims that "It is sacrificing reason on the alter (sic) of treason to accept that the greatest construction of all time.. a human being with a brain is the result of chance, randomness and destructive mutations. It is the irrational three legged chair of hopeless speculation that bears no resemblance whatsoever to reality and observable functioning perfect order." When contacted, Lenihan's office confirmed that he was indeed due to launch the book.

Previously, another minister in the same government, the Tanaiste (deputy Prime Minister) Mary Coughlan, hit the headlines when she claimed that Albert Einstein formulated the theory of evolution ("

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Politically Correct Zoology 218

Posted by samzenpus
from the cover-all-the-naughty-bits dept.
flynny51 writes "Dr. Dylan Evans of the School of Medicine, University College, Cork, Ireland, has had a two-year period of intensive monitoring and counseling imposed upon him and as a result his application for tenure is likely to be denied. His offense — sharing an article from a peer-reviewed journal on fellatio in fruit bats."

Comment: Sad to hear.... (Score 2, Insightful) 201

by oceanclub (#32181806) Attached to: <em>Halo 2</em> Online Preservation Effort Ends

I'm not a Halo fan myself at all, but it does seem rather sad that someone's favourite online game can be suddenly taken away like this. When you're almost 40, 6 years really isn't such a long time, and currently I'm replaying Deus Ex which is, gasp, 10 years old. And you have even more extreme versions; for example, Mercenaries 2's multiplayer being turned off after only 1.5 years. Whether it's for reasons of costs, or do force players to purchase the latest games, is open for debate.

One of the benefits of PC gaming is that old games are readily available and indeed are revamped (either by unofficial graphical enhancement mods or by companies such as re-released old games but compatible with modern GUIs).


Comment: Re:VAC (Score 1) 203

by oceanclub (#30286142) Attached to: Infinity Ward Fights Against <em>Modern Warfare 2</em> Cheaters

I don't know what the press release says, but I see from the "Top Sellers" chart on the Steam portal that MW2 has already dropped to number 3 behind a bargain basement Mirror's Edge and a bundle of older THQ games w/ Red Faction Guerrilla

Um, to be fair, those offers are absolutely steals (Mirror's Edge for €3? THQ's entire catalogue for the price of a single game?) so it's no wonder they're momentarily outselling a new game - don't forget that MW2's price on Steam is probably double what you pay in the stores.


Comment: Re:Of course we will... (Score 1) 219

by oceanclub (#27482391) Attached to: No More OpenMoko Phone

"People like this cannot possibly sustain an open, non-dictatorial government for the same reason they cannot sustain an Open Source phone."

Um, so because people don't want a phone which, on past experience of open software, would probably require hacking text files to get it work, they are supporting dictatorships and the New World Order.



Comment: Re:FOSS gaming has a long way to go... (Score 1) 309

by oceanclub (#27474039) Attached to: Open Source Shooter <em>Nexuiz</em> 2.5 Released

"Some people like this type of gameplay. Who are you to judge?"

A retort which basically says that you can't criticize anything.

Sorry, but apart from being open source, I can't see anything to recommend this game. I don't mind ancient-looking graphics as long as there's some innovation, but this just appears to be a Quake III clone, a game which was already dated concepts-wise when it came out.



+ - Fallout 3 DLC and GFWL Woes

Submitted by
oceanclub writes "The PC gaming blog Rock Paper Shotgun details the extraordinary hoops that a PC user needs to jump through to acquire "Operation Anchorage", the new downloadable content for the RPG "Fallout 3":

There was first a hefty update. I hadn't tried to run the game since before Christmas, and the patch has appeared since then. The game opens. Sadly, the "DOWNLOADS" option was greyed out. Never mind, I thought, I'll look on the Fallout 3 website for details. With the announcement of the launch today, it must surely be the big news story... Um, no.


So I restart Fallout 3 and DOWNLOADS is still greyed out. Go into Live, tell it my account details again, and this time it downloads my account. Ta-da! The DOWNLOADS option is there! I'm surely almost there. I click it.

"No new content available."

I see.


... though his invention worked superbly -- his theory was a crock of sewage from beginning to end. -- Vernor Vinge, "The Peace War"