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Comment Re:A more interesting question... (Score 1) 889

Synaptic, or any other package manager for that matter are one of the marvels of modern Linux distros. They had to be to fix the dependency hell problems we had previously. The original 'App Stores'

Notepad++ is one of the nicest text editors around, is Windows-only and open-source. I prefer it to Kate and let's just not go anywhere near Gedit.

Comment Re:Deicing? (Score 3, Informative) 117

It will make no difference at all. It's a very different issue.

The most sensitive part of a modern aircraft wing is just aft of the leading edge where the flow makes the transition from subsonic to transonic. Having even 'frosting' in this area can destroy all lift from a wing so they are liberally sprayed with gelatinous treatments that are specially formulated to melt any ice that forms from rain or snow while the aircraft is static, yet become sufficiently diluted during the take off to be washed of the wing for flight.

Once airborne, the problem becomes one of thermal balance and heat is supplied to the wing leading edges using engine bleed air.

The bugs don't affect icing and so far, no coating has been found that cna get rid of ice under all conditions mandated by the FAA.

Comment Re:No More Bennett (Score 1) 187

Regardless of whether or not the 'Frequent Contributor' writes anything worth reading (he doesn't; water bottle delivery at a hippy festival ffs?) when /. posts anything written by the venerable Bennett they know two things:

1. Massive clickbait to sell to advertisers.

2. Not a single positive comment from their contributors.

It's a sad situation that I come to this site to read the insights of fellow slashdotters, from whom I have learned a great deal, when my visit is earning money for a set of cynical pondlife amoeba like Dice. I guess I'm going to spend more time on stack from now on.

Comment I watched it happen back in 1969 (Score 1) 307

Markin hastened to add that he is, of course, not suggesting that NASA faked the moon landings and just filmed the events in a studio.

I just came here to say, f*ck right the way off, waaaay over there, whoever is peddling this old crap. sheesh.

Comment Re:intuitively I would think steam would be better (Score 1) 217

Could this be used for civilian airports? Most definitely!

No it couldn't.

Technically it could be built, of course, but all it will do is save a few metres of runway. It won't affect the amount of fuel an aircraft has to carry nor the thrust its engines have to produce. I don't even want to think about the failure modes....

Comment DRM is not the worst part of the problem (Score 1) 260

DRM is a terrible idea, of course, but there is a more sinister movement taking place, which is the gradual transfer of music to streaming services.

So long as we can still buy real hard copies of the music such as CD, download or even vinyl then we retain personal control over our collections. I can imagine that in the future new music will only be available on DRM-corrupted streaming services and we will have no choice but to subscribe to one or another of them.

Comment Re:See it before (Score 1) 276

Wish I could find the link, but a couple of days ago I chanced upon a site that described a Python library that would build the gui automatically just by defining some very simple hooks in the body of the code. It was totally ugly utilitarian stuff for science labs, but it meant that even the Fortran refugees could make guis. Anyone know what this was?

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