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Comment: Re:This is getting old (Score 1) 572

It would have been more correct for me to say that I just didn't agree with their actions, rather than to asign a political subtext.

I'm sure that the vast majority of the RSPCA works purely in the interests of the animals but the problem with fox hunting in particular is that is has been hijacked as a 'class war' issue. This has resulted in a decision being taken for reasons that have nothing to do with the welfare of either the foxes or their prey.

FWIW I beleive the wrong decision was taken.

Comment: Re:Is the smartwatch fad stillborn? (Score 2) 60

This is certainly my own perception. I'm usually an early adopter of all things tech, but I really can't get excited about smart watches at all. I have to say the only interesting product I've seen in this whole arena is the Microsoft Band; at least it isn't pretending to be a watch, but is trying to be somewhat useful.

Yes I ordered one (I was drunk) and I'm something of an MS fan, but even for me and for this product my enthusiasm level is 'meh'

Comment: Nine Posts, Seven of Which are ACs... (Score 2) 17

by occasional_dabbler (#49315935) Attached to: Rosetta Spacecraft Makes Nitrogen Discovery On Comet
... and the other two refer to a poor choice of shirt?

Slashdot should just close down now.

The fact that we know that this comet is a thing is amazing in itself. The fact that we sent a probe to intercept it, orbit it and make these kind of measurements is beyond amazing.

Nitrogen is one of the main constituents of biological chemistry; knowing where it came from and how it affected Earth's, hence our, development is more interesting than apparel choices.


Comment: Re:Universal wants me to use YouTube more (Score 1) 115

Yes, this.

It used to be that the machinery that was needed to create lots of LPs or even CDs was expensive and the few bands that made it mega paid for the studios, who then could record and release music from all the other 'hopefuls,' who might one day also be mega.

Well guess what? Technology means it is now trivial to record and publish music; there is no longer a need for the industry at all. We are back to musicians making music because they want to, the good ones will be able to make a living and the very good ones might get rich but there is no need for the machine and all those music execs will have their snouts pushed out of the trough just like the buggy whip ones.

Comment: Re:Define "Threatened" and "Unwelcome" (Score 1) 756

I read Engineering at Cambridge 1984-87. So far as I know there were about six women in 300 students.

We had a really cute librarian, I asked her out; expecting to be shot down as the 100th person to try that week. When I asked her she told me that not only was I the first person from the department to ask her out, I was the first person to actually talk to her about anything except books.

Comment: Re:This is getting old (Score 1) 572

Ragardless of your views on climate change, this man degrades the word 'whore,' and his very existence further prevents a reasonable debate on the subject.

I no longer make any charitable donations to left-wing-infiltrated organisations ike Greenpeace or the RSPCA, despite a deeply held beleif in their original charters; they have no interest in the environment or animals, just politics.

Comment: Re:Bad idea (Score 4, Insightful) 671

by occasional_dabbler (#49176199) Attached to: Snowden Reportedly In Talks To Return To US To Face Trial
This, absolutely this. Anyone with a brain and a conscience can say that Snowden did nothing but a service to the majority of the people in the world, whatever his motivation. Given his position as someone who could be 'crushed like a bug' by any side, he has a way better chance flying closer to Putins's flame than Obama's (or Jeb's or whatever other monstrosity the US vote in next)

Comment: We passed 'peak UX' (Score 1) 516

by occasional_dabbler (#49140607) Attached to: Users Decry New Icon Look In Windows 10
I'm going to set myself up for a karma decimation here, but I think MS already had the best UX of any platform, they just blew it by trying to smear it onto every device in existence.

Windows Phone 7

This was, and still is, a UX that fitted the device perfectly, it is intuitive, efficient and beautiful.

Some 'for instances'

why do we need a 'button'? This is already an artificial construct; if an idea is captured by text then touch the text to access the associated sub-levels. Or headings that extend beyond the screen; so you naturally swipe to see the end of the title and you get to the next page with a new title.

I am probably as upset as anybody for how Windows8/8.1/10 has evolved but for entirely the opposite reasons of most people.

The perversity of nature is nowhere better demonstrated by the fact that, when exposed to the same atmosphere, bread becomes hard while crackers become soft.