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Comment CIO's want pre-built software (Score 1) 291

Get it pre-built and externally supported. It'll be a lot easier to fly by your CIO.

The solution you suggested makes sense.

1. RSA keys are shared across the network.

2. A new file becomes available on your "central" server and is placed into a directory automatically shared by a bt client on the central server.

3. A simple script on the central server checks a list of servers it needs to update, and tells each of them to initiate a transfer using the bittorrent protocol.

4. ???

5. Profit.


Submission + - Microsoft and Mozilla disagree on cert validity-> 1

obstalesgone writes: "As a person who generally trusts Firefox on security related issues, and who uses Firefox as his default browser, getting information on how to update my windows installation has recently become a bit of a hassle. Firefox simply does not trust some Microsoft security certificates. In my opinion they are valid certificates, but the Mozilla programmers disagree.

I'm don't claim to be an expert on security certificates, but the disagreement causes problems for people who use Firefox on Windows on a regular basis.

I am looking for suggestions on how to resolve this issue without being forced to accept untrusted certificates, or switch to using a browser I don't like (Internet Explorer) as my default browser.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft frequently uses the "default browser" in links provided by their operating system even though they know the only browser that will work with their web pages is IE. Isn't this detrimental to how Windows users will feel about Windows? Is there a solution for this?"

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