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OS 9

+ - Classilla, A New Port of Mozilla to Mac OS 9

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oberondarksoul writes: "Every now and then, you hear about a new port of Mozilla to one of the lesser-used platforms. Recently, a new version of Mozilla has been released for Mac OS 9 — an operating system no longer sold or supported, and with no new hardware available to buy. Dubbed Classilla, it aims to provide "a modern web browser running again on classic Macs", and the currently-released build seems to work well on my old PowerBook 1400 — despite being a little memory-hungry. How long before every OS can boast a Mozilla port?"

+ - Neo-Geo, MSX Games Coming To Virtual Console

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oberondarksoul writes: "According to this page on Nintendo of Japan's website, games from SNK's famously-expensive Neo-Geo and the (relatively unheard of, outside of Japan) MSX are to be available on the Wii's Virtual Console. The page doesn't say when to expect them, or even to expect releases outside of Japan, but they join the PC Engine (TurboGraphx 16) as third party consoles to appear on the service. Now all we need is for Sega to release Dreamcast games through it..."

+ - No Copyright Extension For Songs In UK

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oberondarksoul writes: "The BBC is reporting that an extension for copyright on music to 95 years has been denied by an independent review commissioned by HM Treasury. The copyright term for music will remain at the current 50 years, meaning that in 2008 early music by Sir Cliff Richard, and by 2013 early recording by The Beatles will enter the public domain. Understandably, the music industry is less than pleased."
Operating Systems

+ - RISC OS Developers Considering Open-Source

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oberondarksoul writes: Castle, the developers of RISC OS 5, are allegedly considering open-sourcing the operating system despite their previous dismissal of the idea. Although they may not be able to provide the entire source under an open licence, it is thought that the newly-formed RISC OS Open Ltd. may be given access to the entire source, whilst whatever code they can will be provided openly. Drobe has the details.

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