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Comment: The "worker standards" farce is obvious (Score 1) 192

by obarthelemy (#48630987) Attached to: Investigation: Apple Failing To Protect Chinese Factory Workers

Apple is not the only one guilty of this, but it's more egregious in their case because they trade a lot on their luxury image.

If companies cared about workers, they'd set up factories in countries were workers are actually protected by lax and practice. Apple especially have the profits to do so.

They don't, and they don't. Let's just stop pretending the resulting product is glamorous.

Comment: Where's the standard ? (Score 2) 239

by obarthelemy (#48520833) Attached to: Google Hopes To One Day Replace Gmail With Inbox

I'm not in until I can switch clients and servers. My current IMAP system lets me use pretty much any email provider and any email client I want.Over the years, I've used several of each of those, and figure I'll have to keep switching once in a while.
Inbox pretty much locks me in to gmail and Inbox (or dial it back to a regular email client). That doesn't work for me, no matter what its features. Amongs which local backup seems to be missing.

Comment: Re:Dual monitors and recompiling the kernel .. (Score 1) 488

by obarthelemy (#48505169) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Non-Coders, Why Aren't You Contributing To Open Source?

Mine is Intel + AMD. Apparently this changes *everything*. Plus last time around, Ubuntu wouldn't let me put the menu bar on the right-hand side of my main screen, and other desktop manager wouldn't rotate for vertical, and videos wouldn't play nice on either or both...

I'm sure it can be gotten to work, just not by an ignoramus who values his time such as myself; and I'm not sure the end result would be as polished as I want (sideways text when the task bar is on the side ??)

Comment: Mostly, the attitude (Score 1) 488

I'm geeky for a non-programmer, but, for example, rarely managed to get Linux to run on one of my PCs, and never managed to get it to run *satisfactorily* (with my dual monitors set up as I want them, smoothly playing video, running what I want at startup...). Stuff such as "recompiling the kernel (which someone had to do for me on my last attempt) stumps me.

I could contribute: translations, feedback on the UI ("could your mom understand *that* ?), testing... I've tried twice, and found the atmosphere utterly unfriendly. Mostly, especially in big projects, devs are out for peer recognition and hacker glory, not to take care of the thorn-in-your-side user for which things are either not working or not understandable. And that's too bad.

Comment: Re:In fairness ... (Score 1) 277

by obarthelemy (#47977393) Attached to: Phablet Reviews: Before and After the iPhone 6

"holding a 7" phone up to your face looks pretty ridiculous"... Well, I feel less ridiculous the very few times I do that than if I had to carry a phone AND a tablet AND a laptop every time I travel. Plus I don't really care about ridiculous, like beauty it is mostly in the eye of the beholder.

"unless you are using speaker phone or a bluetooth headset" I'm using a wired headset. Sorry if that's not fashion-approved.

"But, thankfully, life hasn't forced me to be constantly tethered to a device like this." Well, if you prefer to be tethered to a stamp-size squint-box for fear of how others look at you, that's your prerogative. I advise you to gather a crowd next time you go buy... anything... and get their approval before any purchase.

To give you a point of reference, a 6" screen (let alone my 7") is to a 4" screen what a 23" is to a 15" screen. I wouldn't go back to 15" on my desktop, I wouldn't go back to 4" for my phone.

Comment: Re:In fairness ... (Score 1) 277

by obarthelemy (#47974219) Attached to: Phablet Reviews: Before and After the iPhone 6

Hey, you sound just like the fashion police back when I got my first ridiculously huge phone that they wouldn't be caught dead using. My 4.3" HTC HD2.

Then, again for my huger more ridiculouser 5.3" Galaxy Note.

Then, again for my hugerer ridiculouserer 6" Ascend Mate.

Now, my hugererer ridiculousererer 7" Huawei X1.

I know you reactionary types need time to catch up to new things. Please, do take it, but in the mean time, shut up. Meanwhile, I'll be enjoying reading and watching vids on my "phone", which is really more of a e-reader+media player. Don't worry, you'll get there...

Comment: Performance ? probably not. Specs ? YES !! (Score 1) 253

by obarthelemy (#47973219) Attached to: Do Specs Matter Anymore For the Average Smartphone User?

Specs != performance.

From what I see around me, perfomance is not an issue for any less than 3yo phone. Specifications are still key though: screen size, battery life, camera, sound quality on speakers and headset. One issue is that specs are sometimes off the mark: good screen doesn't mean more pixels, it means legible in bright light, at an angle, with good colors... Good camera doesn't man moar pixels, it means good pictures inside with no blur, etc etc.

Comment: Re:Please make this thing useful for development (Score 3, Informative) 101

by obarthelemy (#47952993) Attached to: Android Apps Now Unofficially Able To Run On Any Major Desktop OS

Have you actually tried it ? I've got an Android **desktop**, and it's usable. Most apps understand mouse buttons and wheel; the lack of the usual sensors and touchscreen is only a problem in some games.
Things could be better: I miss keyboard shortcuts, right click for Back is silly, and zooming in/out seems to be up to the OEMs. But overall, it's more than usable.

Comment: With no power comes little responsability (Score 1) 117

by obarthelemy (#47792869) Attached to: Google's Megan Smith Would Be First US CTO Worthy of the Title

This sounds mostly political, then a bit managerial, then a teeny weeny bit technical. And from what I've read before, that post is mostly a bully pulpit with 0 effective power.

I'm sure each and every budgeting unit have their own systems, their own standards, their own teams, and their own kickbacks -sorry, suppliers. Standardizing, rationalizing and unifying all that is a bit technical, but, mostly, political.

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