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Comment: Re:Very Disturbing Trend (Score 1) 1071 1071

I don't see how what the state does has any impact on what your religious organization says or does. the christian bible still supports slavery, stoning, mass murders... that support hasn't stopped though those actions are illegal (I'm not talking morality here, just legality). Simply refusing to perform religious ceremonies to marry gay couple is much less an issue than those other divergences between the state's law and the religion's wishes.

Comment: Re:It does get more drivers on the road (Score 4, Interesting) 96 96

Actually, I read an article on The Economist a long time ago saying just the contrary: freelance cab drivers quit working earlier when they make a lot of money. Easiest explanation is that they set out to make a certain amount of $$, and stop once that goal is reached, regardless of whether it'll take them 3-4x longer to make the same amount the next day.

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