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Comment: Not really, not yet (Score 1) 337

by obarthelemy (#47439897) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: Do You Want a Smart Watch?

I loved consolidating my watch, PDA, phone, and media player into a smartphone. Yo make me go the other way, a gizmo would have to provide very strong utility. Not alerts, not exercise data, not a duplicate of the remote that's already on my headset, not a teaser of stuff that I need to go to my phone to really use/act upon.

I've narrowed it down to either universal ID (for logins, PINs, locks...) or doing what my smartphone does, only hands-free. Not holding my breath...

Comment: Re:Sounds DOA to me (Score 1) 121

by obarthelemy (#47142829) Attached to: HP (Re-)Announces a 14" Android Laptop

I've got an Android *desktop* (Minix X5), and it works surprisingly well.

The best thing is the ease of use -that does go hand-in-hand with limitations such as no multitasking-, but the Home and Back buttons work really well for non-techies; and the App selection is excellent.

Many games do have issues with the format (no touch, landscape only, lots of sensors ie gyro... lacking), but all others apps work well, and over half the games do too. Main gripe is the lack of a shortcut to zoom in/out.

Comment: Re:How is 'free to play' constricting? (Score 1) 115

by obarthelemy (#46965237) Attached to: How Free-To-Play Is Constricting Mobile Games

"People aren't going to pay for stuff that they don't need". Say what ? You do realize there are whole industries about precisely that, right ? Entertainment, luxury, holiday travel...

"Charging money for every game would just assure that very few or none of them get played". Indeed, it's not as if there were a huge for-pay gaming industry on PCs and consoles. Oh, wait...

Comment: Who's saying ? (Score 0) 269

by obarthelemy (#46884739) Attached to: Report: 99 Percent of New Mobile Threats Target Android

Of note:
1- F-Secure have no "security suite" for iOS- because that's not possible, Apple disallows it-. Guess what, they find threats where they have product to sell
2- Listing a grand total of Android viruses is very biased, most people are neither rooted nor using stores outside of Google Play. That takes aways almost all the viruses..

In the end, alarmist bullcrap with no basis in reality.

Comment: Re:The spokesman for the AHA said... (Score 0) 408

Mmmm... when one actually listens to what the different gods say, yep, it does, whether positively or negatively iis another discussion though ^^

As for homeopathy vs medicine, I'm actually not convinced either way. I spent my youth on homeopathy w/o any major issues, and now that i'm sick, neither homeopathy nor commercial medicine are much help. I think even a placebo effect is enough in a lot of cases, and that commercial medicine is often akin to an elephant in a glassware store, randomly wreaking havoc while looking for an elusive cure.

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