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Comment: Re:It does get more drivers on the road (Score 4, Interesting) 96

by obarthelemy (#49505555) Attached to: How Uber Surge Pricing Really Works

Actually, I read an article on The Economist a long time ago saying just the contrary: freelance cab drivers quit working earlier when they make a lot of money. Easiest explanation is that they set out to make a certain amount of $$, and stop once that goal is reached, regardless of whether it'll take them 3-4x longer to make the same amount the next day.

Comment: Not medium, but place (Score 1) 446

buy a handful of hard drives, encrypt them, do rotating backups on them of everything irreplaceable (that includes photos and documents) at reasonable intervals (monthly or quarterly or whenever you do something momentous such as taxes, for individuals), and make sure at least one of those drives is never physically at your home - your parents', your job, your bank, your SO's, your gym...

Backups are 1- offline, 2- offsite, 3- tested, 4- multiple. Miss just one of those 4, and you don't have a backup.

Comment: Re:Have you actually tried using Rust? (Score 1) 211

by obarthelemy (#49405993) Attached to: Rust 1.0 Enters Beta

I think you're both right and wrong. Clearly, a safe tool, especially a tool made safe to the point of being unusable, is not a panacea. Yet kids with motorbikes have a lot more fatal accidents than kids with cars.

The sad truth is you need both: tools with no bugs and safe-by default, and programmers who know how to use them. I agree that if I have to choose, the safe programmer is more important... but show me a project where you can guarantee all devs will be of the "safe" kind (let alone, be that one lone mythological safe dev) for the actual life of the app ?

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