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Comment Re:Only in America (Score 1) 473

Get off your high horse. The 105 years quoted is pure bs. The min/max guidelines in federal court were overturned years ago but people just keep quoting them. This guy will do some time but he'll see the light of day in plenty of time to enjoy life as an ex-felon with something like zero prospects of ever living a productive life with a decent job again. That's the real tragedy here.

Comment Re:Won't come close to that (Score 1) 473

Does offending a few people's sense of modesty really justify doing that to someone regardless of how many people he did it to?

See, the courts see it a little differently. If you steal something like a computer or whatever, then the person you stole it from is like, "it sucks but I can get another one". The mental harm is fairly minimal. But when you start fucking with peoples' emotions like in this case it takes on an entirely different and to the average person more serious context. This dude isn't going to get a slap on the wrist. Expect at least 10 years. And in the fed joint, he'll do 85 percent of that. There are some programs he can apply for that might knock off a year or so but he's done for a while.

Comment Re:Won't come close to that (Score 1) 473

The only thing about that is they actually did away with statutory maximum and minimum sentences in the US federal courts a few years since having a set minimum was deemed unconstitutional. So now the judge can pretty much give you whatever they want, though they do generally go by the former guidelines more or less.

As far as plea bargaining to the feds, you don't get a guaranteed low sentence when you do that, what happens is if you are pretty sure you'll get convicted, you plea bargain so that the US attorney will recommend a particular to the judge but it is still up to the judge what you get. If you can come in with a good enough sob story about how your molested as a kid (for example) then you stand a decent chance of getting lower than what the US attorney is suggesting.

The problem with going to trial is you aren't being what they call "cooperative". This adds to your "points" which is how they compute the guidelines that they aren't really bound by but use anyway. It's a circus. I wish I could explain it all more clearly.

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