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Comment Re:Self Defense (Score 1) 207

We lack the will to do the necessary evil things that must be done to win. If William Tecumseh Sherman were fighting in Afghanistan the Taliban would be done. He crushed the core Southern States in the Civil War by war to the bone. He looted, raped and burned a path through Georgia that still over 150 years later is remembered. That level of destruction or more is what is required to subjugate a population. I remember a tale about a Roman officer back in antiquity that had a problem with supply convoys getting wiped out. He finally got fed up and went through every village along the route and took all the able bodied men he could find prisoner. He had sharpened stakes embedded along the roadway and every so many paces he had a prisoner disemboweled upon these stakes to die lingering deaths. They were left there until they rotted away. The convoy attacks ceased. I am glad we don't do such things today but I'm sure if it ever got to the point where the US were about to be destroyed we'd do that and worse if necessary.

Comment Re:Truth be told... (Score 3, Interesting) 182

I once paid 12,000 dollars in cash for a car. The guy wanted 15,500 but I kept counting 100's until he folded at 12G's. Nowadays they'd take it away and make me prove I got it legally. I wish George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and all those guys could see what these fuckers are doing nowadays. They'd spit on 'em before they slid hard cold steel through their guts.

Comment Re:Great (Score 2) 44

How's this, in the last 10 years, what if instead you didn't have 4G / LTE etc, instead you just still had "inefficient EDGE" BUT unlimited data, all month long, endlessly?

You mean... what if the cellphone carriers didn't take advantage of any of the advances in technology that had happened, and just gave us the same shit sandwich they were giving us 11 years ago?

I'd be pretty pissed about that completely different situation too. I'd say to them "Look, why not use the new spectrum the government is opening up for you, use something really efficient like LTE, and offer us more bandwidth for the same cost given we're paying you the same amount of money now as we were when you were still upgrading your network?"

Technology has improved. You'd expect that to result in actual improvements beyond being able to see a web page render more quickly on your mobile. We know capacity has improved, so why can't we access it?

Comment Re:New black markets (Score 1) 182

Well of course it will bring crime. All those who don't conform are criminals. If US code were strictly enforced the entire population would be criminalized. There are laws against everything and laws that require you to do things and most people don't even know about them. I'd like to see all the victimless crime laws gone. Who cares if you don't wear your seatbelt, it's just another hundred dollars in the city kitty. All kinds of stupid ass laws meant to micro-manage our daily lives.

Comment Re:But they're not white, so it's OK (Score 3, Insightful) 312


Who was killed over Piss Christ?


Got the balls to say how many people were killed at Charlie Hebdo?

Got the stones to say how many people were killed of Mohammad cartoons?

Insults removed, but the salient point really should left intact for emphasis, as it is quite valid.

Comment Re:But they're not white, so it's OK (Score 2, Interesting) 312

There's a *huge* difference between...

* some overheated and breathless clickbait that stretches the ideological-but-otherwise-mundane true story well beyond credibility (e.g. the example you posted), and...

* actual, no-shit instances of overt and government-sanctioned discrimination (e.g. TFA).

So, please, knock off the false equivalency; it serves no beneficial purpose, and actually masks the fact that there are some no-shit barbarians out in the world, some of whom run whole governments.

Let me put it this way - geography aside, would you rather live in a nation generally run by Judeo-Christian values (e.g. US), or Islamic ones (e.g. Saudi Arabia)?

Comment Re:Win3.x Win8.x (Score 2) 96

I'm finding it fairly amusing that Windows 3.x actually looks quite fresh and, ugly pre-anti-aliasing font aside, fairly modern. Which is odd because at the time, as a user of AmigaOS 2.04 at home, I thought it looked clumsy and ugly (and everyone else started to agree about the look of Windows 3.x when Windows 95 came out.)

There's a lot of flatness to the Windows 3.x UI, which is something that's in vogue again.

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