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Comment Re:Math is a Chore (Score 1) 217

I've seen some of the posted problems that target common core as absurd and what I saw was ingenious problems that teach problem solving

My sentiments exactly. I stumbled on some blog post that was lambasting common core and when I got to the actual example that illustrates the author's premise, I was like, that's actually a really good problem and a fantastic way to teach kids math. Realizing that this is what people are bitching about regarding the common cold curriculum, my faith in humanity eroded just a little bit more.

Comment Re:Looks nice , but ... (Score 1) 116

There's no advantage to it economically or ergonomically.

You make the same oversight as your sibling poster. Remember, context. Neither of the options present represent the motivations of the creator of the laptop enclosure referred to in the article.

I endeavored to make the Heirloom design as successful as possible given the large scale of the challenge and very small scale of production. It in no way addresses issues of consumer-grade design or production. Each of these computers is essentially a one-off project. I believe the Heirloom accomplishes most of the goals I set for the project and should serve users well both as an unusual, useful tool and as a unique, if very small, part of computer design history.

Emphasis mine.

Comment Re:Looks nice , but ... (Score 5, Informative) 116

Doesn't look like it'd be much trouble (relative to building this in the first place) to replace the innards every 3-5 years or so if you felt the need. Besides, the open-source Novena computer designed by Bunnie Huang and Sean Cross that this is built to enclose has as one of its goals a "requirement for user access to the internal components" so I'm guessing being able to upgrade iteratively is kind of the idea.

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