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Comment fix (Score 1) 236

I've come up with a relatively simple solution. The text at the end of this post is a batch file. You can copy it from here, and paste it into notepad, and save it with any name you want, and the file extension .bat and then click on it to run it. It will look for each of the corrupted updates in order, and either tell you that they aren't installed, or give you the option of removing them. If you do choose to remove one or more of them, it will prompt you to reset your computer after each successful removal. Don't do this - choose the other option, to reset later, instead. Then, once the whole batch file has run, you can reset your computer to make all the changes take effect. Also note that the final line deals with an update to Skype and may affect Skype functionality. If this matters to you, simply don't include that line in your batch file. Batchfile contents begin on the line below. EDIT: Slashdot won't let me post the batch file text here ("too much repetition") so you can find it at pastebin here: http://pastebin.com/B3DjTSX1

Comment Re:Really, is it that difficult.... (Score 1) 301

They do offer an "Affair Guarantee" where you pay $200+ and if you haven't had an affair in six months then they give you your money back. Yes, people in open relationships could use this as well, but the whole modality of the site is specifically about cheating, not just being a marketplace for open couples.

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