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Comment Cool. (Score 5, Interesting) 65 65

I know a guy who worked at Bletchley Park, and he said that they could never crack the luftwafe code because it was a true OTP implimentation. The pilots were literally issued a little one-time pad before flight, with letters on a grid of co-ordinates, and then instructions sent from ground ops would simply be pairs of x/y co-ordinates so the pilots could just look at the pad and see the message out. For each new message they would tear off one page and have a new arrangement of letters.

Comment That's not where your solution lies. (Score 2) 267 267

You just need one b0xen on an ethernet cable to the one unblocked port on a hardware firewall, and ideally onto a separate line from your ISP. Put glue in all the usb ports and legacy ports, or just remove them. Remove the wifi chip from the board, lock the case and and set it up with a basic install of your primary OS that re-flashed to a known state at midnight every night. Put this box in a visible, public area where users who have to leave your cordon are forced to do it in front of everyone else and through a secure separate pipe. Scale up with more dumb terminals as needed - old tech that's folding out of regular use in production is a good, cheap source for these boxes.

FTC Officials Looking Into Apple's Streaming Business Model, Say Sources 53 53

Apple may have a bigger business problem than displeasing Taylor Swift with its new Apple Music service; According to Reuters, U.S. regulators are said (by anonymous sources) to be looking into Apple's treatment of music-streaming rivals, now that the company has gone from selling only downloadable music to competing directly with alternatives like Spotify and Pandora. A slice: While $9.99 has emerged as the going monthly rate for music subscriptions, including Apple's, some streaming companies complain that Apple's cut forces them to either charge more in the App Store than they do on other platforms or erode their profit margins. The Federal Trade Commission is looking at the issue but has not begun a formal investigation, said the three industry sources, who requested anonymity. The agency has had meetings with multiple concerned parties, one source said. The agency meets with companies routinely, and a formal investigation may not materialize.

Comment Re: Like the nazi used to say (Score 1) 431 431

I don't understand the sense of enlightenment that allows people to claim that things they no longer use are still "owned" by them. Maybe in an abstract, capitalist sense, but in the real world, once you abandon something, it belongs to everyone. Use it or lose it.

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I have a friend who lives in a Condo in Toronto and his residential pipe is 100/100 for 40 bucks a month, and they offered to boost it to 400/400 for an extra 30 bucks a month, but he has no need for that much speed. (Note, this is atypical for Canada, but it's the same building Deadmau5 used to live in, and he augured to bring in a high-end ISP.)

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Right? He was in a special needs class, and I think they thought it would make him feel good about himself (Which it totally didn't.) You have to remember that this was an era when they had only one computer tech for the whole 1500 person school, and he was also a shop/electronics teacher, but there were tons of kids runniung around who knew a lot about computers.

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