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+ - Anonymous Canada and #OpJustice4Rehtaeh outed as Liberal Party of Canada in leak->

Submitted by o_ferguson
o_ferguson (836655) writes "A small Canadian publishing house today leaked various chat logs from Anonymous Canada's current "#OpJustive4Rehtaeh," a leaderless action designed to bring awareness to the case of a young girl who killed herself after being raped and abused by her classmates. The leaked logs implicate members of the Canada's national Liberal party in the #OP, which thus far has been focused on making the reigning provincial NDP government in Nova Scotia look bad. remains under attack by unknown forces, and so the journalists involved have turned to Reddit and the rest of the internet for help."
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+ - Pedophile guide author has bail set.->

Submitted by o_ferguson
o_ferguson (836655) writes "Phillip Greaves of Pueblo, the author of an infamous Pedophile guide that was removed from Amazon, relisted, and then removed again, has just been granted $15,000 bail by a judge in Florida. Greaves was extradited to Florida from his home state of Colorado, after officers there alleged that the printed a copy of his banned book and mailed it to them, at their request. The book in question has reappeared in a redacted edition (with all pages blanked out — ISBN: 978-0-9813187-5-2) published by iconoclastic Canadian imprint Obscene Works and distributed by Amazon competitor ( )"
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+ - Can't we just guess the wikileaks passphrase? 5

Submitted by o_ferguson
o_ferguson (836655) writes "Wikileaks has distributed an encrypted insurance file and, given their flair for panache, we all know the key must be some symbolic phrase. Let's start a pool, where we each guess what that phrase will be. Bonus points if you actually attempt to decrypt the file using that phrase (and document how) and the winner gets 10 Karma. Slashdot rules the shadownet. Let's show these journalist buffoons how crowd-sourcing really works, and crack the feeble minds that pieced together their end-of-life protocol. Just be sure to use torrent software to get your copy of the file. It wouldn't be classy to shalshdot their servers while they're being DDoS'd. What is your best guess at the wikileaks passphrase?"

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