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Comment: Re:This is missing critical information (Score 1) 268

by oDDmON oUT (#46177563) Attached to: Fracking Is Draining Water From Areas In US Suffering Major Shortages

Unlike municipal and agricultural use water, water used in fracking has been deemed "unrecoverable" and is routinely re-injected into "disposal wells"; which may themselves be responsible for a plethora of magnitude 2+ earthquakes around our area (Texas).

Comment: $11K? Another sites says $14K (Score 1, Insightful) 804

by oDDmON oUT (#45793147) Attached to: What Would It Cost To Build a Windows Version of the Pricey New Mac Pro?

But this has happened before.

Initially Apple gear can boast this kind of disparity; then, in fairly short order, PC hardware which exceeds Apple specs arrives and sells at a cheaper price point due to economies of scale.

Apple then holds onto the original specs for years (the last Mac Pro being a perfect example), until they are forced to retool. I'll even go out on a limb and predict a five year interim before we see another significant revision.

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